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I know most people would have already discovered the Harley Quinn Easter egg in Batman: Arkham City game and I just want to know what you all think, (although if you haven't yet don't read on)

I was excited when you find a positive pregnancy test inside a babies crib with a baby doll that looked like a Jokers mini me, I thought "aahh she's pregnant amazing, what would she be like as a mum, wonder what her maternity costume would look like in the next game..." (lol)

However when you download Harley's Revenge and you go back to the same place again there are tonnes (and I mean tonnes) of negative pregnancy tests surrounding the babies crib. I was gutted, I thought why did the game designers put in that she is pregnant to then go.....nah only kidding! Especially during the credits we hear her singing "Hush Little Baby" to then find out she's not pregnant.

How did you feel when you found out the Easter egg within the Easter egg?

What do you think Harley would be like as a mother?

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i think the dlc was good however i heard paul dini had nothing to do with it. harley would be an interesting mom though.

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I thought the pregnancy would make for an interesting story. But I, too, was disappointed by the DLC. There was absolutely no depth to the story. It was just an excuse to fight more random thugs and play as Robin outside of the Riddler's Challenges. The least that could have been done was address the miscarriage as part of the reason for Harley's mourning. And, as mentioned by the OP, show some of the Batman - Harley dynamic. Very disappointing DLC.

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I agree SupBatz, I was quite dissapointed with the DLC especially how Batman got to take down Harley in the end. At the start they made it seem like she was going to kick Batmans arse for "killing" Mr J and then we get a weak defeat. Poor Harley =(

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she would be crazy protective. for a Crazy person, she's really dedicated.