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Among other artists.


In case you haven't heard, Harley Quinn's upcoming solo-series (first issue in November) will kick it off with a zero issue in which Harley herself will "audition" artists and judge their depictions of her. If I am reading correctly, each page of the book will have a different artist that Harley will critique and in the end she will select who will be her monthly artist.

Not all of the artists have been revealed yet but a fair number are listed in the above article. The name that stood out to me was Bruce Timm. He co-created Harley, was involved in most animated DC material, and was artist for Harley's most famous comic: Mad Love. This just makes me more excited for the upcoming series.

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That seems appropriate.

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Pulling out all the stops after pissing off her entire fanbase.

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That's...the most logical thing to do actually.

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Thats seriously awesome but isnt it going to be spoiled who she "chooses" when the next month of solicits come out? Plus I was almost positive they already announced the main artist was Amanda Conner so while the idea behind this Zero issue is just plain awesome and Im sure we are going to see a TON of amazing art in it it seems a bit pointless.

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Can't wait.

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Looking forward to it. I hope DC does a good job with this title.

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I wish/hope Jae Lee is on this 0 Issue, I want to see how he would o Harley.

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I bet I know how it the comic will end. Harley sees Bruce Timm's original design for her and she'll fall in love with it and start wearing that instead of her terrible prostitute costume.

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Pulling out all the stops after pissing off her entire fanbase.

Hahahahaha so true.

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In lieu of quoting every single comment in this thread thus far, I'll just say ^^^^^ALL OF THIS^^^^^