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Poll: Which Green Lantern should guard the Earth? (16 votes)

Hal Jordan 56%
John Stewart 13%
Guy Gardner 13%
Kyle Rayner 19%

Say some universal war erupted and only one of the green lanterns were able to stay and guard the planet. I know nothing of Simion Baz so I will not include him.

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well Kyle and Guy arent Green Lanterns anymore so i don't count them. besides with Kyle's deux ex machina upgrade of the week it would make more sense for him to be traveling the universe instead. John seems to have a much better handle as far as leadership in concerned and OA really needs that. so i guess Hal should.

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I would say Baz, since he's not really busy with anything, unlike the others. Since you didn't list him, though, I'll go with Hal, all he has to do is relinquish control of the GLC to the new Guardians.

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Baz. It just seems right.

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Kyle and Guy aren't part of the corps anymore so Hal

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Kyle rayner of course and hals busy

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Kyle rayner of course and hals busy

so is Kyle, you know...with the whole Messianic White Lantern thing. all of them are busy except for Baz who may or may not be dead.

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^After which, he should die. CIN.

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Baz should be on here he needs the experience

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Why is everyone voting Hal? If there was a "universal threat" surely Hal, John and Kyle would go out and handle the problem while they leave Guy to play watchman.