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Poll: Which Green Lantern change are you most excited about? (29 votes)

Hal Jordan leading the Green Lantern Corp!! 34%
John Stewart geting his own book!!! 28%
Kyle Rayner remaining a White Lantern!!!! 28%
Guy Gardner being a hybrid lantern and joining the Red Lantern Corp! 10%

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Point three is kinda contradictory to the question...

#2 Posted by Extremis (3350 posts) - - Show Bio

Definitely John getting his own book

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@sinestro_gl: Terrific catch my good chap.

I only really care about Hal.

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I voted for Hal but I'm equally excited for Kyle's story too. Hal's seems more interesting to me though.

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@extremis said:

Definitely John getting his own book

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Hal in charge.

I'll end up checking it out, but I really don't like the idea of Guy becoming a Red Lantern.

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Red Lantern Guy is where its at.

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Kyle Rayner staying as the White Lantern.

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John getting his own book. After years of being out on the back burner, it feels really satisfying that he's being put in the spotlight now.

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Hal leading the corp, but I'm very happy and excited that Kyle is staying a white lantern.

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im excited about all of em. Hal's the most though.

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im excited about all of em. Hal's the most though.

well im also exicited about all of them but mostly Kyle and John.