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As someone fairly new to Green Lantern ( believe it or not, the film converted me, I think he is a great character), I'm intruiged to know what has happened when any GL has squared up to Superman. I understand that in the past, Green Lanterns have used Kryptonite on Superman, but generally who has faired best in their battles and can you give me references to good comics where they have locked horns so to speak.

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Generally speaking, Kryptonians tend to do better in battles...but they are always breath-taking to watch.

Though not necessarily Superman, per sé, I would recommend you to read the Sinestro Corps War. Simply amazing story. Though, before you read that, you probably should read a couple more stories to understand the context.

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Thanks, my one and only GL graphic novel is War of the Green Lanterns..what other stories do you recommend?

Where does this come from?