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Stephen Amell said on an intreview at SDCC that he doesn't see a future to Oliver/Sara or Oliver/Laurel .

"I don't think we will see Sara and Oliver or Laurel and Oliver together again" Him around 2:40

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And given how old is the new Wildcat, i think we just found Laurel new love interest (totally sh#!@ing her origin story).

I've just lost the hopes for a good Live action portrayal of Green Arrow/Black Canary on this show. On top of that, now that Felicity is set to appear in the New 52 GA (http://www.comicbookmovie.com/comics/dc_comics/news/?a=103106) it's seems "Olicity" it's gonna become canon. F@#K THIS SHOW!

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just because they won't be together does not mean in the future.......Don't expect an exactly adaption of the comic because it won't happen

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Actually like Sara for a made up character might of been the Nyssa scenes...

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I am cool with it.

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I'm fine with that. As cool as Laurel and Sara are, they screwed up Black Canary in a way I didn't even like him with either. Olicity is the way to go.

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@marcosvergara14: Her origin is fine, the comics and the show are different universes. Quit being a baby.

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weird, i think i heard about the atom, but i didn't know they got firestorm