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So, I just finished reading the tpb, and it makes me wonder how can people recommend this as the second book to read after year one? Longbow hunters takes place when Oliver is in his 40s

Did I miss a couple of books or something?

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@adawg89: you didn't need any background info to read Longbow Hunters. People recommended it just because it's a classic and a famous Green Arrow story. Basically after Year One (which introduces the character), they recommended Longbow Hunters because it's a favorite among Arrow fans, like myself. You don't necessarily have to read in order. They probably just felt that since you now understand character, from reading Year One, you're ready to read about his later years.

Btw, I highly recommend Lemire's run on Green Arrow. Issues 17 to present, in the current Green Arrow series. It's amazing

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Yeah the two aren't related. But if you dug Longbow Hunters read the rest of Grell's run. Its pretty great and about to get collected in trade.