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awwww finally!

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I've been a big advocate of Ollie growing some facial hair. Mostly so he'll be closer to the pre New 52 version. Now I just don't care. I'll like GA this way as long as Lemire is writing him.

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Please please please no beard.

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Yeah some beard is good but not too much not wizard style.

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I agree jeff lemire arrow is going to be epic

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Thank you, Lemire and Sorrentino, for saving this book! Issue 17 was better than 1 through 6 and 0 combined


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Does anyone think the art work is a bit weird?

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The art is amazing.

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The issue was epic!

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@Clark_EL said:

Does anyone think the art work is a bit weird?

I agree. The artwork/coloring needs work. Other wise it's perfect. I think this Ollie without the beard is fine. It shows a much younger Green Arrow. It allows time for him to grow and develop. It also allows the writer to stretch out story lines. Also, could be because Arrow's Ollie doesn't have a beard.

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@Liko: I agree 100%

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Please bring back the beard! Ollie's just not the same without it.

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@liko: yeah but he has some facial hair which i reckon is better than full on beard