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I may not have been the absolute biggest Godzilla fan around but I've probably seen every movie. I couldn't tell you what the very first Godzilla movie I saw was but whenever a Godzilla movie (or other rubber suit monster) was on during a Saturday afternoon, I was there watching with my brother. I even watched that animated series from long ago with the god-awful Godzooky (if you don't know what or who that is, please, don't look it up). When word came out there would be a reboot on the big screen, I did my best not to have any expectations, positive or negative. We've seen many slick and glossy remake of things from our childhood that simply aren't made for us but rather the new generation. Special effects are often given a higher priority than retaining the true essence of the original source material.

The nice thing about this remake is, it's actually pretty good.

The filmmakers do a good job in introducing new viewers to who Godzilla is. His origin isn't what you might immediately think and that adds a slightly different twist. Having the movie start out fifteen years ago allows us to see Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson's character (as a kid). This gives us a human connection to the story that will interweave between the moments of chaos.

Yes, there is a story.

Instead of focusing simply on monster fights and destruction, we get a slightly slow build. Some may demand to see Godzilla stomping around right away but, if you think about it, that could get old right quickly. We need the human connection in order to care about this movie world. At first I even questioned why we would see events leading to some destruction only to have the movie cut away to the aftermath. It felt a little cheap but it did leave you in suspense for the big climactic ending.

As for the human aspect, as important as it is, it's not what you'll take away from the movie. At the center is Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen. Taylor-Johnson does a fine job in his role but it becomes a little tiresome when he manages to be pretty much everywhere something big or crucial is happening. What felt a little odd was Ken Watanabe's role. He was the Godzilla expert. He brought the science into the movie. But he was also the one that seemed to be in shock during most of the movie.

The movie also goes out of its way to include a few big cities. Who doesn't want to see their city involved in a Godzilla movie? Seeing the movie in San Francisco, you could hear people perk up, chuckle, and start whispering when the city was first mentioned. It's just too bad many of the big landmarks clearly were not actually filmed in the city.

These things are insignificant. People aren't going to a Godzilla movie for the human actors or the detail to the cities that get ravaged. It's all about Godzilla, monster fights, and detailed destruction. That is what you'll get here. There is a story. There is a reason for the destruction. It's not just a shiny glossy movie with giant action scenes. It's a Godzilla movie, pretty much exactly like you want to see. And if hearing Godzilla's first big roar doesn't bring a big old smile to your face, then it's time for you to get to know the true glory of Godzilla.

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I can't wait to see it. I hope it kills at the box office as well.

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I pre-ordered my ticked for the midnight showing, can't wait to finally see this! Happy to see it getting positive reviews. I really hope it gets a sequel if it's as good as I've been hearing.

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So glad to hear this movie is good. I've been so excited to see this since I saw the Godzilla experience at SDCC last year.

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It's showing at 7 o'clock at my theater tomorrow, I'm gonna be there!

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off to see it this weekend can not wait

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Add this movie to my list of must sees.

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Yes. So much yes. I am so stoked. I cannot wait.

Make way cuz the King is back.

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Wait, the king is back? When did I leave?

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! 4 Starsss!!! That means it sucksssss!!!! How could you do this @g_man!?!?!

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I want to see this, looks good

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Less than 12 hours til I'm watching it. EXCITED!

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Wait, the king is back? When did I leave?

You pat yourself on the back much harder and you may break it.

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I can't wait to see this.

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Will see after finals. So excited.

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I am hoping to see it one the weekend and i know that feeling when your city is in a movie especially when it isn't often (E.G. Pacific Rim and Sydney)

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I'm going on Opening night

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Gonna be watching this on Saturday, can't wait and glad to the good reviews on it so far.

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Having never watched a Godzilla movie before I might have to binge watch a few before I see this one. Even though I've heard it was terrible, I really want to watch the Matthew Broderick one.

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No end credit scenes alluding to the Smog monster ?

Also wonder if this would spark Japan into making the series again (it's been 10 years)

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1 more day, can't wait!

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I don't care at all for a human connection, I really despise them when they are front and center in movies that minimize main characters to support just for the sake of relativity to people. As long as Godzilla remains the center for the most part, I will stick with the franchise. Cannot wait to see this though.

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Good. Now make Godzilla vs. King Kong! My inner fanboy demands it.

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Well four of us from work are seeing it tonight at 7pm IMAX/3D. We cannot wait exactly 12 hours from. Thank goodness the BEAST is back.

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@wolverine08 said:

Wait, the king is back? When did I leave?

You pat yourself on the back much harder and you may break it.


Don't ever forget!

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Have to wait until early next week but I will see this movie.

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Can't wait to see this movie!

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Aw seriously, people watch movies for story now? Why can't we just monsters wrecking stuff?

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Will see this Sunday...probably.

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Wait, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are in this?

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I honestly don't remember ever being this excited for a movie in my life. I've been counting down the days for this, like a kid does for Christmas. I've spent the last couple of months watching kaiju movies to get ready to see the King of Monsters triumphant return to the big screen!

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Too pumped for this movie. This article even cleared up what little worries i had (focusing on humans while Godzilla gets little screen time) but im glad that we get plenty of the big g in this movie with plenty of destruction and mayhem lol thank you!

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I had such high hopes..... I hate to say it but I absolutely despised this film. I seriously considered leaving the theatre midway through it was that boring. Godzilla himself gets so little screen time despite being the titular character.

Oh well, here's to hoping X-men is good.

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Aw seriously, people watch movies for story now? Why can't we just monsters wrecking stuff?

Eh, we've already seen that movie before. I think it was called Man of Steel.

Sorry, but I just couldn't resist.

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I better see an epic monster fight I know that. The story better make sense to. GOJIRA IS BACK BABY YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

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@vendel said:

I can't wait to see it. I hope it kills at the box office as well.

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Who cares about the human characters, the focus is GODZILLA! He's back and from what i can see so far he's going to be done very well

Can't wait wait to see this movie, I'm all ready for tomorrow! I already have my Godzilla t-shirt ready and everything lol

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Awesome movie! Great way to celebrate his 60th birthday!

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This movie sucked big time I will say this was better than the 1998 movie but not by much

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I don't know how I feel about this, Godzilla only fought for the last 15 mins of the film!! The rest was a bunch of d*ck teasing.

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I just came from a Thursday viewing of the movie here in NYC, it was FREAKIN AWESOME!! Not going to throw out any spoilers, but you will wet you pants with delight, ESPECIALLY when you first see him and he roars. All I am going to say is he is unbelievably FEARSOME. Be prepared for some parts to be a tad bit drawn out, and there are some things that are not in the trailer, but the movie rock, and portrays why Godzilla is the KING OF MONSTERS. GO SEE IT!! GO SEE IT!!

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This movie was truly horrible. Heed my warning, do not watch this film. Do not let my sacrifice go vain.