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Want to buy the Zoom Suit comics in digital form but I can't find them anywhere. Any ideas where i can get them? Im new here ;) Thanks in advance

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@Getty: Seeing as how the comic was originally released in 2006, wy before the digital comic boom, i would say that they don't exist in digital format. The Superverse site hasn't been updated since early 2011 either so i would say that the publisher has gone belly up so i don't think you have much chance of getting them digitally i'm afraid. I think your best bet would be looking around hte internet for any scanned version of the comics. Hope this helps :)

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@feebadger: I did looked.. a lot.. all i found was the first issue which i belive is free and some dead torrents with 4th..

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@Getty: Unfortunately might mean that they don't exist, i'm afraid. Other comic related forums might help you out as if someone owns them then they might be willing to scan them for you. You could also try contacting either the creators or publishers of the comic and see if they have any leftover issues they want to get rid of. The website hasn't been updated but the e-mail might still be good, and failing that you may be able to hunt them down on Facebook or Twitter and contact them that way.

Failing that, getting them at your local comic book back issue bins or at a comic convention will possibly be your only chance. Hope this helps some and feel free to ask if you have any further questions :)