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Who are your top 5 comic artists and writers right now from marvel now and new 52?


Jonathan Hickman (New Avengers, Avengers)

Geoff Johns (Aquaman, Justice League)

Rick Remender (Uncanny Xforce)

Joshua Hale Fialkov (I Vampire)

Jason Aaron (Thor: God of Thunder)


Oliver Coipel

Ben Oliver

Ivan Reiss

Ed Mcguiness

Kenneth Rocafort

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Artists: (hope I'm not forgetting anyone)

1: Jim Lee

2: Ivan Reis

3: Kenneth Rocafort

4: Greg Capullo

5: Francis Manapul


1: Scott Snyder

2: Geoff Johns

3 & 4: Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato

5: Peter J. Tomasi

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Mark Waid

Grant Morrison

Scott Snyder

Matt Fraction

Ed Brubaker


Jim Lee

Andrea Sorrentino

Greg Capullo

John Cassaday

Alex Maleev

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From the comics I'm currently enjoying

  1. Joshua Failkov (I, Vampire)
  2. Scott Snyder (Batman, and Wake)
  3. Geoff Johns (Justice League, Green Lantern and Aquaman)
  4. Jeff Lemire (Green Arrow)
  5. Brian Azzarello (Wonder Woman)


  1. Andrea Sorrentino (I, Vampire, and Green Arrow)
  2. Gregg Capullo (Batman)
  3. Kenneth Rockafort (Superman)
  4. Jae Lee (Superman/Batman)
  5. Miguel Angel Sepulveda (Red Lanterns)
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  1. Brian Wood (X-Men Vol.4, Ultimate Comics X-Men)
  2. Kieron Gillen (Young Avengers)
  3. Jeff Lemire (Animal Man, Green Arrow)
  4. Peter David (X-Factor)
  5. Johns (Justice League, Justice League of America, Aquaman)

(Runners up include Morrison, Snyder, Tomasi, Marjorie Liu, and Spurrier).


  1. Oliver Coipel (X-Men Vol.4)
  2. Stuart Immonen (All New X-Men)
  3. Andrea Sorrintino (Green Arrow)
  4. Steve Pugh (Animal Man)
  5. Ryan Sook (Justice League Dark)
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Hickman (Avengers)

Geoff Johns ( GL, JLA)

Jason Aaron (Thor)

Dan Slott ( SSM)

Mark Waid ( Incredible Hulk)


Ed McGuiness

Ivan Reis

Esad Ribic

Doug Manhke

Leinil Yu

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Hmm, right now? These aren't ranked in any specific order.


  • Matt Fraction (Hawkeye, Fantastic Four, FF)
  • Scott Snyder (Batman, Superman Unchained, The Wake, American Vampire)
  • Robert Vendetti (X-O Manowar, Demon Knights, Green Lantern)
  • Mark Waid (Daredevil, Indestructible Hulk)
  • Justin Jordan (Shadowman, Luther Strode)


  • Joe Madureira (Savage Wolverine)
  • Jim Lee (Superman Unchained)
  • Greg Capullo (Batman)
  • David Aja (Hawkeye)
  • Francis Manapul (The Flash)
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1. Mark Waid (Dardevil, Indestructible Hulk)

2. Jason Aaron (Thor: God of Thunder)

3. Rick Remender (Uncanny X-Force, Uncanny Avengers)

4. Jeff Lemire (Green Arrow)

5. Christopher Yost (Scarlet Spider)

Oliver Coipel

Joe Madureira

Adi Granov

Andreas Sorrentino

Steve Epting

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  • Brian Michael Bendis (Guardians of the Galaxy, All-New X-Men)
  • Mark Waid (Daredevil)
  • Goeff Johns (Justice League)
  • Scott Snyder (Batman)
  • Gail Simone (Batgirl)


  • Jim Lee (Superman Unchained)
  • Sturart Immonen (All-New X-New)
  • Joe Quesada (To many to name)
  • Frank Cho (X-Men: battle of the Atom)
  • Jim Cheung (Infinity)
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1. Brian Wood (X-Men, Star Wars)

2. Robert Venditti (X-O Manowar)

3. Jeff Lemire (Green Arrow)

4. Tom Waltz (TMNT)

(I don't have a #5 - that's my entire pull list)


1. Andrea Sorrentino (Green Arrow)

2. Ross Campbell (TMNT Micro-Series - will be drawing the ongoing later this year.)

3. Olivier Coipel (X-Men)

4. Carlos D'Anda (Star Wars)

5. Ben Bates (TMNT)

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Ross Campbell is drawing TMNT later this year????????

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1) Rick Remender (Captain America and Uncanny Avengers)

2) Jason Aaron (Thor: God of Thunder)

3) Kelly Sue DeConnick (Captain Marvel and Avengers Assemble)

4) Jonathan Hickman (Avengers and New Avengers)

5) Dennis Hopeless (Cable and X-Force)


1) Esad Ribic (Thor: God of Thunder)

2) Carlos Pacheco (Captain America starting with issue 11, also I have to mention Avengers Forever)

3) Dustin Weaver (Avengers)

4) John Romita Jr. (Captain America current)

5) Daniel Acuna (Uncanny Avengers)

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@wolverine08: According to the SDCC panel, yes.

Hopefully we get to see him do more Alopex. He makes her as adorable as a Foot assassin can be.

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1. Geoff Johns

2. Scott Snyder

3.Jeff Lemire

4.Brian Azarello

5.Matt Fraction


1.Jim Lee

2.Jae Lee

3.Francis Manapul

4.Andrea Sorrentino

5.Cliff Chiang

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  1. Brian Azzarello
  2. Mark Waid
  3. Tom Waltz/Kevin Eastman
  4. Jason Aaron
  5. Scott Snyder


  1. Cliff Chiang
  2. Jim Lee
  3. Greg Capullo
  4. Mateus Santolouco
  5. Esaad Ribic
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Writers.... Brian K. Vaughan, Brian Wood, Brian Azzarello, Matt Fraction, and Sam Humphies.........

Artists..... Fiona Staples, Phil Noto, David Aja, Jamie McKelie, and Mike Allred.........

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  1. Jeff Lemire (Animal Man, JLD, Green Arrow)
  2. Geoff Johns (Aquaman, JLA)
  3. Scott Snyder (Batman)
  4. Brian Azzarello (Wonder Woman)
  5. Mark Waid (Daredevil)

Honorable Mentions: Gail Simone; Francis Manapul/Brian Buccellato


  1. J.H. Williams III (Batwoman)
  2. Francis Manapul (The Flash)
  3. Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman)
  4. Mahmud Asrar (Supergirl)
  5. Andrea Sorrentino (Green Arrow)

Honorable Mentions: Kenneth Rocafort; Jim Lee

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1. Joe Madureira

2. Greg Capullo

3. Esad Ribic

4. Francis Manapul

5. Declan Shalvey

1. Scott Snyder

2. Zeb Wells

3. Christopher Yost

4. Jason Aaron

5. Matt Fraction

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I have to say Johns is slowly gaining my respect with stuff like the Trinity War. Then he loses it again when he contradicts characters.