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Inspired from the recent surge of topics regarding ethnicity including this topic: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/gen-discussion-1/your-top-4-black-superheros-1498884/#70

Who are your four favorite Asian superheroes? For this particular question, let's stick with comic book superheroes and exclude the ones from manga and anime. For me, it's:

  1. Hiro Okamura (Toyman)
  2. Cassandra Cain (Batgirl)
  3. Kato (Green Hornet sidekick)
  4. Ryan Choi (Atom)
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@alak: why are you only doing top 4?

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@alak: why are you only doing top 4?

Because this is a direct inspiration from the Top 4 Black Superheroes thread.

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  1. Hiro Nakamura (HEROES)
  2. Storm Shadow (GI Joe)
  3. Kato (Green Hornet)
  4. The Ray (hes cool but i havet actually read about him yet)
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Cassandra Cain


Best Tiger

Shang Chi

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Lei-Kung the Thunderer


Amadeus Cho.

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So when you say Asian do you mean....Asian in the Western sense, like Oriental - or Asian as in anyone from Asia?

If we're going with the former:

Mandarin, Ultimate Black Widow, Cassandra Cain (mixed, but close enough), and um, does Psylocke count?

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Cassandra Cain

Shang Chi

Sunspot or Ultimate Black Widow (Monica Chang)




Dr. Light

BTW,this is in no particular order

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3.Collective Man
4.Colleen Wing

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Wong. (Dr. Strange's sidekick/assistant/manservant)

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Why is Katana not getting any love? :(

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Jenny Quantum

Usagi Yojimbo

Shang Chi


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  1. Xombi (David Kim)
  2. Katana (Tasu Yamashiro)
  3. Armor (Hisako Ichiki)
  4. Dr. Light (Kimiyo Hoshi)
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asian superheroes????? I never noticed there were any .....*thinks, I guess there are a few... but I don't think I can think of 4.

1. August General in Iron (he's so cool)

2. ARMOR how could I forget her.

3. Green Lantern (kai Ro)

4. Burka Avenger (I couldn't think of any other I liked so I cheated and used the wikipedia list on the subject and after scrolling through a bunch of names I either hate, or never heard of I stumbled on this Pakistanisuperhero. after my discern and anger subsided and I read the article, I found out that the superheroine is fighting intolerance against women, specifcally the taliban's attempt to shut down girl schools. the only mistep I found is, the controversal hero costume....a burka... commonly demonized by many people of all types this can't have been a good move....BUT it is a very believable disguise for the region she operates as well as probably going over better in muslim nations than a Catsuit....in addition I have softened my stance on Burkas as I have been explained by quite a few women who started wearing them by choice, as a way to force respect rather than oggling by men they interact with. I am conflicted on burkas....but this cartoon superhero... I like already just for her fight against injustice.

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Shang Chi

Lady Shiva

Dan Hibiki


Cassandra Cain/Daken

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Rai (Tohru Nakadai)

He is the best. That is all.

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Kato (Green Hornet sidekick)


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I don't know much Asian heroes, just these Jubilee, Katana, Kato, Psylocke, or maybe a few more that I can't think of atm. I don't think I'd place any of these characters on my top 20 favorite characters.

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Shang Chi

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  • Psylocke (if she counts)
  • Amadeus Cho
  • Shang Chi
  • Wong
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Mine, in no particular order:

Other Asian heroes I'm a fan of:

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Wait only superheroes? Ok umm.

Colleen Wing

Kayo (from images Brigade)

Archer (classic Archer and Armstrong)

Shang Chi

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Shang Chi

Cassandra Cain


Colleen Wing

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@fodigg said:

Rose Wilson (I guess she's 1/4th Thai?)

She's actually half Cambodian

So she is. Thanks for pointing that out! I'll edit my post.