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So I picked up a handful of the original x-o manowar issues but I haven't read them yet because I would like to read them from the begining. I also have heard many good things about the new series. What I would like to know is everyones general opinon on the original series and the new series. So please begin.

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I didn't read the original series, but the new series is fantastic. The way Aric speaks and acts is perfect based on his origins and the stories being told are nothing short of epic. The fights are awesome, the art is solid, and the characters designs look awesome. The only thing I noticed is that for 14 issues, The Vine have been Aric's only enemies which can make things a bit repetitive. However, we are moving forward and I can't wait to see what Venditti has up his sleeves.

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Buy it. It's one of the best things on the shelves right now. It is frequently featured in the "best battles of the week" thread, because its action is just topnotch. Obviously that wouldn't matter if its story was mediocre, but its story is great.

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I can't say anything about the original, but the new one is one of the best books out there.

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It looks cool. Too bad I'm lazy.

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haven't read the old series, but the new series is amazing!

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New series is one of my favorites, highly recommended. New arc starts this week, but I recommend starting at issue 1 if you can, just because it's so good.

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New series is in my top 5 best ongoing comic books at the moment

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Everything Valiant is doing right now is great and this is no exception. Aric of Dacia is awesome.. The trades are cheap on Amazon too.

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agreed with everything posted here. Conceptually, X-O is just such a coool character............get into it, you won't be disappointed

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The new series is awesome!

Although it's a little more action focused so if you're looking for a pure story comic then it might not be your thing.

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New series is AMAZING!