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Who would be on your super team where you could pick only two characters each from a universe. Allowing comics, cartoon, film or television?


Metamorpho, Question     DC

Scarlet Witch, Beast          Marvel

Elastigirl                               Pixar

Synn                                      A.C.

Hiro                                       Heros (ABC)


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Marvel: Xavier-Magneto
DC: Oracle-Black Canary
Archangel: Maya, Marcus
Aspen: Aspen Mathews

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Marvel: Noh-Varr/Captain America
DC: Flash/Batman
Image: Invincible/Fire Breather
Wildstorm: Mr. Majestic

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wouldn't hiro from heros be considered marvel since stan owns it.

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Marvel - Deadpool and Bob
Frisky Dingo - Awesome-X
Shin Chan - Action Bastard
Futurama - Super King and Captain Yesterday
TMNT - Casey Jones
Real life - Michael Jordan

You know you wanna read it.

P.S. Also Chewbacca.
P.P.S. You know what? Strike Bob and switch him with Squirrel Girl. I need someone to keep DP from killing everybody.

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  • Marvel - Andreas Von Strucker (Swordsman)
  • DC - Batman
  • Manga/Anime - Alucard
  • Image - Disciple
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Marvel - Black Panther and Ms. Marvel

DC - Captain Atom and Firestorm

Wildstorm - Midnighter and Jack Hawksmoor

Image - Invincible and The Darkness