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Isn't buying a comic that you were so interested in reading ends up being a terrible comic and you've realized you've wasted your money as a comic reader? Especially when you buy on digital and you can't even return the damn things? If it happens to me on print I'd usuallly sell it to my friend or something but I still hate the feeling.

What are some of the most disappointing comics you've read?

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I'm the only one whose bought comics that has ended being disappointed one with a comicbook?

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The majority of events in the last ten-ish years.

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Some of the most disappointing comics I've read? 93.765% of every New 52 comic I've read. My opinion whether I get flak or not for it.

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DC New 52 has been mostly disappointing.

Valiant has started to disappoint me lately too. I've dropped half of my Valiant stuff. What I have left usually collects in a small pile on the bottom of my pull. Ever since Unity, X-O has not been as good. It's sucked the life out of that book. Since Planet Death I've been bored with everything from Valiant, save for Bloodshot & HARD Corps.

Only Marvel has consistently impressed me.

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The Age of Ultron and Battle of the Atom events

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Uncanny X-Force vol. 2 and X-Men vol. 4 (after the first two issues anyway).

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New52 Blue Beetle and Teen Titans.

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League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 2

Most people liked it. I hated it.

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When Tynion took over Red Hood and the Outlaws was pretty bad. It went from being my favorite book month after month to being total crap. I still bought the issues though, hoping they would get better. I green Arrow in the beginning of the New 52 sucked hardcore. Wasn't a fan of Superior Spider-Man at first but somehow it really grew on me.

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Battke of the Atoms, Superior spider-man, Blue beetle, Age of ultron. Just to name a few.

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Final Crisis. I expected so much, it was just all over the place.

Battle of the Atom dumbed down and ruined the little good that came from the new era of the X-men.

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I'm picky and hard to impress. I've been disappointed by 99% of New 52. I also tend not to like critically acclaimed books. Its not necessarily the writing, I just find that they are over-hyped and so I go in with bigger expectations than what I should and end up disappointed. Usually my being disappointed in any book has to do with the failure to care about the characters in the story.

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Some of the most disappointing comics I've read? 93.765% of every New 52 comic I've read. My opinion whether I get flak or not for it.

completely agree

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Jason Aaron's Hulk and Matt Fraction's Fantastic Four are two of only a handful of books that I have ever dropped mid-arc. I usually ride it out to the end of an arc, but not for these two because I was disappointed in them. I didn't start reading Thor at first because of how much I disliked Aaron's story with Hulk. It took 4 or 5 issues of great reviews before I picked up the first issue.

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@cap10nate: Yeah, Fantastic four wasn't very good. FF was incredible though IMO

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Bendis' Guardians of the Galaxy and the first 14 or so issues of Red Lantern from Milligan before I dropped it.

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Age Of Ultron, Superior Carnage (Last One was Good), Few New 52 Titles I Tried

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gillen young avengers Kelly sue Deconnick Captain Marvel

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I would say the Taskmaster: Unthinkable series. It wasn't the worst thing I've read, but it had such good reviews and I was hoping more from it. I thought it started of fairly well but went down hill, and I found myself struggling to understand some of the plot and dialogue.

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Like others have said many titles of the New 52 have been horrible. As for Marvel Remenders Captain America was a huge let down.

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I think it has to be Justice League Of America, by Geoff Johns. He introduced so many new characters, but didn't really do anything with them, except for showing them to us.


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Everything from DC except Aquaman, Batman, and a few issues of Detective Comics. Captain America and Iron Man from Marvel.

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Marvel Now Captain America, wasted 40+ dollars on utter crap piles

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Hmmm some of mine would have to be from New-52. The art really got me but it isn't what it turned out to be so I stopped myself from buying the Outlaws. The only REALLY good comic was the 'Night of the Owl' series really. Off of the top of my head Wanted was pretty disappointing, Kingdom Come was pretty slow and boring to me, Hawkeye was seemingly terrible. I don't understand how people can like his comics?

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Either the New 52 Superman or Constantine.

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Knightfall, it was a bit chaotic and Jean-Paul Valley might be the most despicable character in Batman mythos.

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You mean the one where he was in actual Knight Armor? Yea I was not buying that haha

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N52 Teen Titans

N52 Catwoman

N52 Superman

All Marvel titles of the last few years that aren't "Black Widow" or "Hawkeye"

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Wolverine by Cornell, Iron Man by Gillen(At leas the first few issues), Battle of the Atom, All-New X-men (mid-issues leading up to and spinning off BOTA), GLNG, Teen Titans(Crucible, Wonder Girl storyline), GLNG (Justin Jordan run), GL (issue 20-27 minus Lights Out), Nightwing zero year, Superman, Detective Comics (Tony Daniel run), Batman Dark Knight (Finch's first issues), Uncanny X-men, Indestructible Hulk (beginning and lately), Fantastic Four by Matt Fraction, Stormwatch.

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Spawn in general.

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Kingdom Come.


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Infinity and Battle of the Atom I dropped marvel because of them

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House of M.

FF..I got the first 5 issues based on reviews here, and dropped it...have no idea why folks liked it, but since it's now cancelled, I feel redeemed.

I've liked the New 52 by and large, but Superman is 27 issues in, and still hasn't had but maybe 1-2 good issues. Action started out great, got a little tiring (towards the end of the Morrison run.) Recently it's gotten back to okay.

Detective has gotten much better lately, but to see it get off to such a bad start was a big let down.

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Civil War...

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@timelord said:

Infinity and Battle of the Atom I dropped marvel because of them

Totally agree on Battle of the Atom, but I liked Infinity

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Cap was kind of disappointing this week

Remender can be so hit or miss with me. Just when I'm loving what he's doing he does something so predictably droll.

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I'll also have to add Age of Ultron to my list. I was so excited to read it because I love Ultron, and he never made a real appearance until the end which was basically a reprint of an older Avengers issue. I was excited for the premise . . . let down. I was excited about the team going into the future to fight . . . let down. I was excited to see how it would end . . . let down. There was nothing in there that met my expectations or exceeded them. I had some faith in the first couple issues, but it eroded as the story progressed until I was just buying the last couple issues to see how it ends.

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  1. Humphries' Uncanny X-Force
  2. Wolverine and the X-Men
  3. The "Battle of the Atom" crossover
  4. Stormwatch after the re-boot told me that my 18 issues were irrelevant garbage that never happened and don't matter <insert New52 joke here>
  5. Batman: The Dark Knight (except for that one story about Scarecrow)
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I feel you bro, thinking about it just makes me sad

I was so hyped for Ultron, but you BARELY see him at all. The event was pretty much a lackluster Wolverine story...

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Superior Foes Of Spider-Man is quite boring to me.

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Any Marvel events post Civil War

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@imagine_man15: infinity was pretty solid I just felt it and BotA left to many unanswered questions and did not wrap things up in a nice way to justify the events.

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For me it was crisis of infinite earths it was good and really reached its climax when the anti monitor fought the specter but after that it dragged on for far too long. The new 52 flash was good but Barry Allen was soo boring.

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AvX and Schism.

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I wasn't too crazy about the long Halloween.

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It's been said before but most of DC from the last 2 years. Right all I'm reading from them is Green Arrow. From Marvel probably Uncanny Avengers, and from Image Pretty Deadly. That narration just seems so forced to me.

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52 Aquaman and Uncanny X-Force. I was surprised by how average Aquaman was.

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Superior Carnage and Hush.