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During a discussion with a friend of mine concerning DC and Marvel movies, our discussion turned to both the upcoming Justice League movie, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the world building thereof. Said friend and I wondered what cameos at world building would occur, if any. This eventually lead to what cameos we'd like to see. Due to my personal interest, I turned to the largest commodity of comic book... experts... Around. So here's the scenario:

The Justice League movie is coming up, but no information has been released yet. We'll go with the classic (to me) Justice League line-up for the film: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter. Now how they come together in the film is up to you (within reason, no slash fic kinda stuff, things you could reasonably see in a Justice League movie), but the key here is what cameos you'd like to see in the film, i.e, what hints at a larger DC universe. Can be as minor a character as you like, hero, villain, either/or. The trick is the cameo has to be relatively subtle, meaning something a fan would pick up on that doesn't distract from the theoretical plot. I'll provide some of my examples:

Say I wanted a cameo for Hawkman/Hawkgirl. In the Justice League movie I see, Darkseid comes down with his parademon army. Say the initial invasion lands in Egypt, where Batman finds some bloodied feathers around a pair of parademons that (using his analytical skills) he determines were beaten to death with a mace of some kind.

Say I wanted a cameo for Nightwing. I could see Superman coming to Batman for a team up, trying to get him to join a team he's putting together. Say while trying to convince him, Superman says something along the lines of: "I heard you used to run with a partner. This wouldn't be too different." To which Batman could reply: "Things didn't work out. I work solo."

Stuff like that. Things on the level of Marvel's world building stuff, where they'd put in subtle hints of other characters, such as a hint at Wakanda in Iron Man 2. So: Your ideal cameos! Go!

(I apologize if I'm not making this clear enough, or if I'm rambling. If you have any questions, ask, and I'll do my best to clarify any misunderstanding.)

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Cool idea.

One cameo idea I have is that at one certain moment of the movie some characters (good guys, could be the League or anyone else) would be seeking scientific advise, so they try contacting Professor Ray Palmer, but he's unavailable because he's busy working on a "white dwarf star experiment" (movie gets bonus point if the person who informs them is either Jean Loring or a certain student named Ryan Choi).

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Thought of another one. Thinking perhaps when Batman is introduced, he's investigating a guy on the Batcomputer. Alfred interrupts, (insert plot stuff here), Batman gets up to leave and take care of it, turning off the Batcomputer as he leaves. Just before it switches off, we see a flash of 'Queen Industries' and an arrow on the console beside him.

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Red Tornado

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Sooo many great ones....

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Jason Todd/Red Hood on Batman's Bat-Computer.

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@8bitGangsta said:

Red Tornado

@The Stegman said:

Sooo many great ones....

Could you gentlemen please elaborate further?

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A Creeper cameo, you can see a poster for Jack Ryder's show in the batman reboot.

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@JonSmith: Sure, each individual movie, assuming their will be one, can have many cameos 
Batman Reboot- Showcases Jim Gordon getting ready for work, and having his teenage daughter, Barbara talking to him while he does it, asking if she would ever be able to meet his "silent partner'.  Or it could show a young boy stealing for some thieves, one of the thieves can say "Hurry it up Todd, we don't have all night, the Bat could be around.' or most impressive of all, it can end with Bruce seeing a flyer for the Flying Graysons at Haly's Circus, and deciding to go. 
That's just Batman. 
Superman could show the introduction of Cadmus as a R&D lab, it could show it being taken over by General Sam Lane, who doesn't trust Superman. Inside Cadmus, you can see on the screens perhaps many other super humans around the world, it could show images of a "Red Blur'' in Central City. or reports of ''Martian sightings" across the midwest''  
In a Wonder Woman Movie, Amanda Waller (who already made an appearance in Green Lantern) could make a cameo, After Diana goes to man's world, she can be captured by the military, while Steve Trevor is trying to get her out, she can be interviewed by Waller, who asks her, where she's from, what her people are, and go through a long speech about how "the world's changing, how gods and supermen are being born everyday, how aliens, little green men, are no longer a thing of fantasy, and how she's going to keep them in check." 
In a Flash movie, After gaining his powers, Barry could go to a physicist to see what is exactly wrong with him, the physicist could be Roy Palmer, who can say that Flash has been exposed to molecular redistribution, something he's working on himself. 
And that's just some ideas off the top of my head, there could be loads others.
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I'd quite like some nods to certain golden/silver age antics, perhaps a quip about Wonder Woman's invisible jet.....or alternatively Batman's gallery/Joker Penny e.t.c

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I think Bart Allen as Impulse would be pretty cool for Flash movies, assuming Wally's already introduced at the end of the film they could be going through some cases to solve and Wally brings up "Some local kid who thinks he's your grandson" to Flash.

Probably wouldn't happen but it would be good.

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well how about batman doing some research in the start of movie and has oracle on communications?

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@CrimsonCake said:

A Creeper cameo, you can see a poster for Jack Ryder's show in the batman reboot.

Hm... How about while some kind of panning shot or street shot of Gotham, showing the life of the town, you briefly hear Jack Ryder sign off on his radio from a passing car?

@xtremekidx said:

well how about batman doing some research in the start of movie and has oracle on communications?

Or Alfred, while acting as Batman's communications from the Batcave, comments how he should get someone more tech savvy to do this.

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Stan Lee

Pick up the phone because I freaking called it!

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Amanda Waller, Checkmate, Cadmus

During whatever big climatic attack in the out skirts there is a small snip it where the audience sees a knight logo on a large military type building, and inside you see the checkmate agents watching a monitor and a large woman walks up to the moniter and one of the agents say "Miss Waller what should we contact Cadmus?"