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Plenty of people complain about big, multi-book crossover events, but which ones do you like?

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Forever Evil was great. Infinity was really well done especially after the horrors that was Age of Ultron. Civil War changed things in the Marvel U for a couple of years and overall the seven part book was great.

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Civil War, Identity Crisis, Final Crisis (with the tie ins it's freaking brilliant.) Kree Skrull war, Flashpoint.. a few others.

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Emma and Scott owning Thor

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Anything with Anti-monitor

Would Night of Owls be considered a big event , or just a big Batfamily event ??

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I don't read a lot of Marvel events but so far Original Sin seems pretty good.

I didn't really like Forever Evil until the end and that single issue sold me on the entire event. Flashpoint was good too.

AVX is something that I want to get around to reading because it looks very cool. Can anyone comment on the actually quality of the event?

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Crisis on Infinite Earths, Annihilation, Infinity Gauntlet, DC One Million was pretty good, and Death and Return of Superman if that counts.

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DC's 52

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@starkiller809: AvX is alright. There's some good stuff in there, but by the time you finish you'll be left feeling as if it was rushed. It was really just an event to set up Marvel NOW!. I think it's worth reading and it isn't bad at all, but it could have been a lot better

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Secret Invasion

Secret Wars

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Here I'll post mine :)

In no particular order, Original Sin, Civil War, the crisis series, Flashpoint Paradox, Death of the family, and a few more :)