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Who's your favorite doctor from Dr. Who?

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Richard Hammond David Tennant

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I know it's non-canon, but Rowan Atkinson isn't too bad:

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David Tennant and Paul McGann.

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Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor

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David Tennant and Matt Smith.

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It's really hard. If I am allowed to split the two series, I'd say that in new Who I prefer 11th (Matt Smith): even though I started with 9th, Smith's is so much like what I would like to be.

In the classic series... I'm torn. I loved the 2nd doctor (which is not a coincidence, since Smith took something of that doctor for his own), but also the 3rd. I'd say Troughton's attitude with Petwee's writing.

If I have to choose one overall... don't ask me, I'm not ready.

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10th doctor.

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@matthewparker: Sylvester McCoy, the man who blew up the Daleks home planet

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Baker and Smith.

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Id probably have to go with Matt Smith or David Tennant.