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I thought alpha flight had SO MUCH potential but for some reason the series dont seem to last. Such great characters and power sets.

Who are your favorite Alpha Flight members and why?

Here are mine:


I love her because she is just awesome! I always liked her int he original series but lately she's really been written as a true powerhouse, able to not just transform into the animals of the arctic but into any of the Great Beasts. (WOW!)

BOX (Madison Jefferies

He is magneto and Forge all in one for me! which makes him one of the most powerful and valuable assests to any team. Being able to manipulate metal and plastic as well as create almost anything technological (and now talk to machines), He is awesome!!!

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Wasn't Wolverine before his time with the X-Men an alpha flight member, if so Wolverine

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Vindicator... good ole uptight James Macdonald Hudson. Actually I just really like the name. Fav superhero name of all time. Shaman has always been my fav Alpha Flight member

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Vindicator had such a cool character design. Definitely gonna go with box/jefferies, sasquatch and shaman.

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Sasquatch and Snowbird for me.

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you are all good people , i didn't know there were alpha flight fans besides me !!

Goblyn , unique and pretty badass for a lil guy

Puck , the heart of alpha

Sasquatch , has fought many unique opponents , including the hulk and super-skrull

easily the most powerful of the original alphas , i could see him contend with the likes of dr strange or brother voodoo

So many to name but since i do not want my post to run forever this will have to do

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@micahparadise: well, as I stated before......

Vindicator had such a cool character design. Definitely gonna go with box/jefferies, sasquatch and shaman

are pretty much my favorites. As to why:

  • Vindicator = very, very cool design in uniform. Also liked the streamlined tech suit aspect and he was just a good 'leader' type guy with the charisma and such. plus loyal to his country which is always a plus. i liked him connection to Wolverine, that whole dynamic.
  • Madison Jefferies = waaaaay cool powerset. at that point when I was young reading Alpha Flight, I had never encountered a 'technopath' before. His abilities make him extremely powerful and dangerous IMO. The Box design was cool to me because i always loved Iron Man (duh) and liked the twist of phasing in and out of it and using his powerset to modify the suit's weapons and such to individual situations. Very unique.
  • Sasquatch = I am a 'strongman archeatype' character guy anyway. He was cool to me because he was strong and smart at the same time kinda like mixing the Hulk and Beast but with a mystical twist. Plus he is big and orange. what's not to love? unless you hate Orange lol.....
  • Shaman = cool mystical character. Don't see too many Native American characters so I always though he was rare. Liked how his magical properties were different than the rest and it set him apart.

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box - boss powerset

northstar - speedster fan

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Alpha flight has such interesting characters! I wish they would be used more.

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Sassy of course