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Today on Your Dad's Comics, from Midnight Mystery #5 (1961), it's the classic boy and his dog story... with a twist! 

I chose this comic primarily because I couldn't figure out what the heck was going on on the cover. Although, looking through the Midnight Mystery page here, there's a cover with a flying elephant on it, so I may have actually chosen one of the more sensical covers.  

Oh, Lord. It's going to be one of those heart-warming horror stories. I hate those.

For this bizarre intro, I chose to imagine Shane O'Shea's voice as the Lucky Charms leprechaun, and Ogden Whitney's voice as Droopy Dog.

Also, having read through this, I still don't know what the "little extra something" Ogden Whitney gave it was. Perhaps all of his other work was total crap, whereas this is passable? 


Let's meet our hero.

GULP is right, buddy. Run!

This relationship is the most horrifying thing in this comic. 


It's obvious this prepubescent girl is fervently jealous of the adult train engineer's affections for his dalmation. Far, far too obvious. 


I'm sure this won't be at all important later in the story. (It will be)  


"What? The great Jack Lewis, engineer extraordinaire, thinks we shouldn't have used concrete to build this trestle? Tear it down and build it how Jack wants!" 


Jack is suspicious of the bridge, and decides to examine it at a time when he's not doing anything important.

What sort of bridge? Apparently not a concrete bridge. Styrofoam, maybe? 




"Jack, I said look out! Jack, for Christ's sake, look out! Jack, why aren't you responding, there's a train car slowly rolling towards you!" 


Anyway, Jack dies. Then...

He's so despicable, the sweat droplets are flinging themselves from his body. Or did he just come back in from the rain? 


Hoist by their own petard? Not quite, I just wanted to say that. Hee hee, "petard." 


Uh-oh. Another train's coming!

"Isn't it wonderful being rich in the early 60's?" "Quite! More gin!" 


Jack's ghost is so horrified, it materializes to try to save the train.

"Then he says: 'dot-dot, dot-dash-dash-dash, dot-dot-dash, dot-dot-dot, dash, dash-dash, dot, dash, dot-dot-dot-dot, dot, dot-dash-dot, dot-dash-dot-dash-dot-dash!' That guy cracks me up!" 


Usually I ignore the advertisements, but this time I couldn't stay silent. I won't criticize the fact that his right arm looks about eight inches long. I'd just like to point out that they couldn't get a real person to pose for a photo, which makes me doubt this exercise actually works.

Anyway, back to the story. 


Jack decides his dog is his only hope.

Okay, I guess this is somewhat unsettling, but not terrifying. Although I'd imagine it would be pretty funny when Skippy's legs slide through Jack's body and he hits the floor with a "whump," then stares up at his ethereal master with a bewildered and pathetic look on his face. I'm laughing just thinking about it. 


Skippy runs to wake up the girl, and Jack manages to convince her he's there in spirit form.

"Maybe he's finally going to make me a woman!" 


Jack's probably shrieking and jumping up and down right now. "What do you think you're doing? How are you planning to get across the rushing river?" 


This was pretty much a best case scenario. 


You know the rules, Skippy. You're gonna have to put her down now. 


Here's that cover image again, except this time I can understand what's going on. 




It's very sad of course, but I find that little dog coffin hilarious. 


Oh, so now she can see him! Now that there's no eminent danger? Useless.

Anyway, this comic is in the public domain, so if you want to make your own work featuring them, feel free... perhaps "Jack Lewis and Skippy the ghost-dog, CRIME FIGHTERS!" Wait, that's actually pretty good, don't do that one.

If you want to read this comic yourself, you can download it from here, but you'll need to register. If there's enough demand, I can put it on rapidshare or something, so let me know if you want that in the comments.

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That was really fun to read.

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@Illyana Rasputin: Thanks. I appreciate the encouragement.
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A strange tale indeed.

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That was hilarious.
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@Decept-O: Hey, thanks man.
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LOL at "INTRIGUE"... and "he's finally gonna make me a woman" .... hahhhahaaaa. LOVED this =).... sorry that I am almost exactly 2 years late posting...

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