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Hey guys! I wanted to do a creative outlet/game to let other create there own comic tittle and stories for each issue.

They way it would work is that i own Sideline Publishing and you submit your own comic idea and character to me by PM. If given the ok then i will select your comic to be on the official Tittle list. Once that is done you will (on your own pace) create a short story for each of your issues. Also you must select an artist for either each issue or story arch. I am looking for around 4 to 5 ongoing tittles. The genre of comic and story is completely up to you. My job is to create a well detailed and updated list and information for your tittle.

For your comic tittle submission:

Your real name:

Tittle genre:

Tittle Name:

Tittle synopses:

Main Character(s) profile and background:

Rating (E,T,T+,M)

Your expected issue submission rate (Once a week, once a month, etc):

This page is only for introducing Sideline's Tittle. The issue publishing page will be up online when i get submissions.

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@louismonette: So this isnt a CV thing this is real.

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Not sure if this is fake or not but I better rush over to Dc universe Online's character creation option and make a superhero quick.

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again guys..this is a game and creative outlet. I am not a real publisher

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@louismonette: Oh then i will send you a pm soon.

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awww man if only it was real :(