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Tell me what you guys think:

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Didnt get to see the begining of the episode ,just the climax battle involving the martian green beetle. (Which was awesome,is he a custom character for the series??? ..never heard of him before)

I totally freaked out when I saw "Arsenal" (Am a big Roy fan so am glad we got more of him)...Hated "Cry for Justice" comic with Roy going back into Heroin.

But this Young Justice Roy is so much better. When I like a cartoon aspect more than a comic's aspect ,you know its a good show.

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The Alien soda thing is iffy and the Lex team up is doing nothing to settle my suspicion that they're ripping off a plot from JLU

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I find the whole Reacher arc to be underwhelming. Maybe it's just me. Apart from that, season 2 has been good so far. I still prefer season 1 but I'm glad that they added in new team members this season. This helps keep things fresh (for me).

Latest episode? Pretty good. Hooray for Deathstroke replacing Sportsmaster in the Light. :P

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I thought this was the best episode this season. The intermission (can't seem to find a btter word) hurt the show a lot. Overall, I agree with , the first season was better, especially because I felt more conected to the characters than in this one. But if the next couple of episode are as good as this one, I may change my mind.

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to be honest.. the martian blue beetle seems a lil weird.. almost unecessary but its something different so im down. didnt understand why he would have a problem with fire since i would assume his scarab would protect him from fire