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You have a big budget to make any story arc into a movie. What arc would you choose? Who would you have direct it and who would be your actor/actresses in the movie?

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Before Watchmen. With the cast and crew of the first movie.

Although I probably wouldn't even need half the budget.

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Movie would be Doctor Strange.

Lead Role would be Johnny Depp as the Dr.

Director would be Zhang Yimou.

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Throne of Atlantis. Don't know about the cast but the budget should pull it off. It would be JL 2

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Captain Marvel(Shazam) or Wonder Woman

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I would make a Dick Grayson trilogy. The first is his origins and becoming Robin at the age of 12. Following similar to Dark Victory. The second film will be Dick as an older teenager rebelling against Batman and ends with him quitting as Robin. The final movie will debut Nightwing while settling his issues with Bruce to save the day.

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I would adapt the Kevin Smith Green Hornet comics for film. I would even stick with Jake Gyllenhaal and Lee as The Green Hornet and Kato.

But if I had to chose something that wasn't a movie before, than I would go with a ShadowHawk movie.

It would be about Eddie Collins and how he takes up the mantle of ShadowHawk. It would be directed by Sam Raimi and would star (off the top of my head) Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Eddie.


An American Kamen Rider/Masked Rider Movie.

I think it would be nice to have Jon Chu for more of an action movie feel, but for a more serious film, I think Sam Mendes could do a great job, though some assistance with adapting may be needed.

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Aquaman i just wrote this movie story

a woman washes up on a shore and a man sees her he takes her in over time they bond and all and then they get married and have Arthur now in montage later one night arthurs dad wakes up to find she is gone.

Fast forward to a few yrs with Arthur in high school last yr wear he is champion swimmer he and his dad later go to save someone from drowning and one of the people say their family is under the sea(disney jab) and arthur rescues the person.Later Arthur is shown in his job??? where he "hears" fish he is approached by a man later and he tells him to follow him they leave and the man takes Arthur to atlantis and says he is their king Arthur is then trained in montages.

Arthur gets the costume and now Orm has made a deal with a shadowy person behind the scene who is black manta who attacks using tech he has Arthur fight with cool "man of steel" effects with black manta and saves atlantis revealing they exist to the world.

Tweaks:Arthur can leap tall bounds like supes,superspeed due to enhanced leg muscles and more invulnerable due to hybrid nature

There origin story.sequel would be scavenger kidnapping atlanteans andsteling weapons thanks to orm and govt. trying to get into atlantis.pt 3 would be Orm

cast smallville green arrow guy for arthur

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A Morbius The Living Vampire. I would go for a Blade one feel. I want that "Dark and Edgy". Corny I know, but I would Probably put my two cents on the script, so it should atleast be bearable. Lol.

I would do the Arrow flashbacks throughout the film, so that the audience can still learn about this character, while starting amongst the action. Not sure if I would mention Spidey, depends on whether I can work something out with FOX. I would start with Michael in action, setting the tone for the film, and letting film goers see, Morbius is not someone to eff with.

I want it to be a sort of backwards horror film. One in which, the audience feels somewhat bad for the Villians. Now don't get me wrong; I would explore Micheal's internal struggles with his hunger; but its when Morbius is in motion that I want people to flinch. Every movement, I would want to be eerie as hell. That is what is missing from horror. "eerie" . Everyone wants extra bloody. Films of the past could scare you before murders even took place. I wanna bring that back. The way the Brides of Dracula(Bram Strokers Dracula film) would recoil at times, when in danger or being chastized by Dracula. That. That is how he should move.

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I would do the story arc where Nate first makes the utopia island. Good story arc, plus it would be very visually exciting to see in the movies if done right.

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@chem86: you beat me to it.....................IT'S LIKE EVERYONES READING MY MIND!!! D:

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AquaMan Movieeee!!!! It would be cool to create Atlantis on the big screen

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Oh, a Teen Titans trilogy!

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@chem86: you beat me to it.....................IT'S LIKE EVERYONES READING MY MIND!!! D:

Great minds think alike, glad to hear I'm not alone

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Stardust Crusaders.

The Movie

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Well, it's hard to say. There are so many arcs that I think would make really great big-budget live action movies, but with an investment that big I'd need to know I'd attract more than just comic fans. (Or else I'd be 200 million dollars in the hole.) ...It's a tough one, but I have a feeling that I'm looking to deeply into this.

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A live adaptation of Batman : Under The Red Hood

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A deadpool movie

Live action or cgi like beowolf

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Upload a stop action movie of my Hulk and Cyborg Superman minimates fighting each other. Pocket the $220 million as my directors' salary...

I just felt my childhood joy and enthusiasm cry out in pain.

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I'd make a Green Lantern film based on Sinestro Corps War. Thats as much as I've thought it through lol

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Marvel Civil War end of discussion

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A bat family movie since i doubt no company would take the time to build up the rest of the bat family that would be like building a justice league or avengers movie. (i'm talking about time wise like them each having movies) it would be great i would just combie the court of owls with the joker to show it that he was behind everything. There could be a sub-plot of the family not trusting jason because the joker would wear the red hood to persuade the court and the bat family think its jason. idk i think it would be cool.

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Noble Causes.

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Blade 4 because Blade Trinity was an abomination

An X men movie with all the characters i want to f-cking see! The story would revolve around Apocalypse and his four horsemen vs the X men. Fairly simple plot with boundless entertainment potential if done correctly...and it would be

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Late 70's/Early 80's style Heroes for Hire movie starring Iron Fist & Luke Cage.

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I would definitely make a Teen Titans trilogy. The cast would be a bunch of no-names, but they would play the original Titans instead of the ones we see in the New 52. I would direct it myself because I wouldn't trust anyone else to pull it off.

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I would star in my very own Stilt-Man movie. I would make all props out of cardboard.
I would then take the vast amount of leftover funds and move to Mexico to live out my days as king.

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Magnus Robot Fighter 4000AD

I would cast unknowns in the leads with a few stars as support. Maybe get Brad Pitt or George Clooney to voice 1A. I would spend a ton on CGI for North-Am and The robot smashing. I would remain true to the 1960's Russ Manning version of the source material.I would rake in the Dough. Make it happen Dreamworks.

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@alak: What Titans would you use, like who you put in main, supporting, and cameo roles?

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Nicolas Cage as Iron Man, I'll use only 110 million dollars and keep the other half in my bank account.

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I instead use it to make a metroid movie.

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Dark Avengers/Cabal/Masters of Evil movie, with Loki, Fassbender's Magneto, Mads Mikkelsen or Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Dr. Doom, Norman Osborn/Iron Patriot an maybe Karen Gillan's Nebula if she turns out to be a good character. Also have Red Skull be on the team at the start but Doom and Magneto fuck his shit up for crimes against Jews n' Gypsies.

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Cya in Cuba

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Wonder Woman or Static Shock

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A fantastic four film in the MCU.

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A new Spawn movie (possibly a trilogy if the first movie is successful). R-Rated, with a lot of blood and gore, believable opponents for Spawn (from the cyborg Mob enforcer Overtkill to the angelic warrior Angela and Clown/Violator).

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I know Guyver is manga/anime and not really what we're going for, and have already had crappy film adaptations but...


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I think I would make 220 1 million dollar movies, staring 220 members of the Gotham police department.

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I would make an age of Apocalypse movie

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Secret Invasion, maybe split across three films

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Y'all would loose every last cent of your money with these movies, haha.

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A live adaptation of Batman : Under The Red Hood

I'd love for this to happen.

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Black Panther

Annihilation ( Space Epic )

The Boys ( definitely Rated R)


The Authority

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I'll put it all into a legitament Aquaman film, but with the best of the best such as actors/actresses, graphics, special/digital effects, and appearances (costumes, buildings, scenery, etc). And it would be of the Throne of Atlantis. Zack Snyder and Michael Bay will be collaborating on this film.

Another option I have is to spend it all on the Justice League movie, to make the graphics, costumes, and overall film top-notch. Also to recruit the perfect actors and actresses for each superhero and/or villain. If Darkseid were to be still in the film, I'll get the best CGI to date to get him looking real-time. And Micheal Bay and Zack Snyder are teaming up again for this movie too (Well, in my world they are).

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X-O Manowar of course.

Karl Urban as Aric of Dacia.

All your faces would melt at how awesome it is.

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with that kind of budget I would do the arc of The Authority where the team has to fight the return of "god".

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I'd make two 110 million dollar movies:

Invincible. It would follow the first 13 issues. But Angstrom Levi would get deformed in the middle of the movie.

Ben 10: Ben would be about 13 when he gets the Omnitrix. He fights robots and thugs (Kevin 11, age 16). The end vilgax shows up. Big fight! Grandpa and Gwen get weapons and join the fight. BFRs vilgax to null void.

Both of these movies would rock! So they both get trilogy's.

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I'd invest in a Deathstroke film!!!!

But before that, I'd try and get Deathstroke more exposure on Arrow. He isn't a well known character to the public eye and Arrow is a great way to get him some exposure.