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If you were a justice league hero what would be your powers and what 5 heroes would u mainly hang around and which would you wanna be trained by

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Electricity, Magnetism, Telepathy, Healing Factor, Enhanced Reflexes.

Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Static, Black Lightning.

Black Lightning, Cosmic man, MMH.

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Shapeshifting, Voice-mimicking, and/or Enhanced Strength

Batman, The Question, Huntress, Green Arrow, Supergirl

Martian Manhunter and The Question

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Powers: Master of ninjutsu, wushu, and various other martial arts disciplines, master of the bo staff, katana, shiruken, sai, nunchaku, damn good detective and stealth.

Buddies: Orion, the Flash, Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, and Green Arrow

Trainers: Batman, the Question, and Beetle

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Powers: Probability manipulation, unarmed combat, stamina, elasticity, size manipulation, shape shifting, and invisibility.

Friends: the Question, Flash, Doctor Fate, Hawkman, Metamorpho.

Trainers: Atom, Mister Terrific, Martian Manhunter.

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Powers: Biomass shapeshifting including- Super Strength able to lift in excess of 100 tons ,Super Speed, Super Durability,Reflexes, Organic consumption (able to absorb beings for biomass which heals him and/or absorbing their DNA to gain a persons memories,skills, and appearance down to their DNA), Telekinesis, Electricity control/manipulation

Friends: Kyle Rayner,Batman Barry Allen,Superman,Static,Tim Drake

Trainers: Batman for combat and general skills, Black Lightning for Electrical powers, Martian Manhunter for Shapeshifting

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Intellect and telepathy. That way I could manipulate everyone regardless of power levels into obeying me.

Trainers: Batman, Martian Manhunter.

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Powers: X-Ray Vision

Who I'd Hang with: Wonder Women, Black Canary, Zatanna, Supergirl, Huntress

Trainer: Batman :

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Powers: X-Ray Vision

Who I'd Hang with: Wonder Women, Black Canary, Zatanna, Supergirl, Huntress

Trainer: Batman :

I see what you did there. lol.

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Powers: Super Strength,Super Speed,Super Durability,Technopathy,Healing Factor,Immortality,Enhanced Reflexes,Telepathy,Telekinesis,and everything Alex Mercer can do and an ability to copy any weapon and make it a apart of me.

Buddies: Batman,Wonder Woman,Hal Jordan,Superman,Green Arrow

Trainers: Batman,Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman

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Powers: Total Awesomeness.....(partly because I would know every superhero and villains secret Identities before I even met them.. (i read comic books))

Buddies: Batman, Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (which ever one is big at the time)(they would be hanging out with me, hanging on my everyword) "did I ever tell you about the time _____ did (insert hilarious comic knowledge that no one knows about)...."

Trainers: Selftrained

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my power super strengtj bloodbending lazer vision imortality super speed

weapons green lantern ring and oceanmaster crown

buddies fire wonderwoman hal jordan aquamN steel dr light female version

trainer batman wonderwoman hal jirdan steel

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i have black lighting powers, healing factor, genius level intellect, teleportation- i would wanna be

trained by wonder woman, & batman.

i would hangout power girl she'd be my gf !

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My powers would be telepathy (Professor X level with cerebro) but my aiding powers would be enhanced durability and flight (not super strength to keep me grounded)

I would hang around Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, John Stewart, and Wally West

I would be trained by Wonder Woman for obvious reasons

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Powers: Telekinesis, shadow manipulation on par with Obsidian, and necromancy.

Buddies: Starfire, Barry Allen, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Batman.

Trainers: Dr.Fate, John Stewart, Obsidian.

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Genius intellect, healing factor, enhanced reflexes, 2-5 ton strength, six sense to warn me of danger, limited sorcery (can just make smoke and summon magical weapons), expert marksmen, enhanced vision, ladies man.

Id hang with Nightwing, Zatanna (she'd be my GF ;) ), Captain Marvel, Green Lantern Guy, and Wally West.

Id be trained by Batman, WW, (In martial arts) and Doctor Fate (In sorcery). Mr Terrific and Steel in tech.

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Lightning & Thunder , 100 tonner , flight , and mimicry

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Nigh omnipotent

Phantom Stranger, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Spectre

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Power(s): Teleportation at Long Distance, Matter/Energy Manipulation, Super Vision (See through obstacles).

Hang out w/: The Flash (Any), Green Lantern (Any), Black Canary, Zatanna, Superman, (plus anyone that's new)

Trained by: Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter

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EMF Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Enhanced Adaptation , Subconscious Manipulation of Mystic arts, Intuitive Aptitude, Enhanced Speed, Empathy, Luck, Enhanced Reflexes, Animal Manipulation, Fire Manipulation and Enhanced Senses,

Animal Man, Booster Gold, John Constantine, Hal Jordan, Batman, Power Girl, Vixen, Etrigan, Green Arrow, Metamorpho, Plastic Man and Zatanna

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I'd probably be tech support, LOL.

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Clairvoyance, Dream manipulation, Ability to commune with the spirit world, Able to see multiple outcomes at once, Immunity to psychic attack, Ability to sense evil in others. Motivate the good in other people.Manipulate dark shadows into offensive constructs and defensive shields as well as strength augmentation. And.........................a sense of humour (LOL)

Hang out with - Zatanna, Dr Fate, Frankenstein, Ragman, John Constantine (I love supernatural hero's)

Trainers - Zatanna and Dr Fate