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You will first spend a month in Gotham, Then a month in metropolis. Then a month on a Apokolips.

WHAT do you do with your time? Your powers are just as good as they were in the cartoon, however since you magnetism is visible, people can see it coming (just like in the cartoon).

Ultimate Magneto
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I never saw the cartoon.


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@FiMFTW said:

I never saw the cartoon.


Picking ships and crushing metal. Only caveat is he does it with yellow energy rings that people can see and even dodge.

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I'd steel all of Barbara's night wing's and Batman's tech. I'd rob everywear.

I'd steal Steel's suit. And a bunch of money. With all my money I could build a battle suit out of the steel and the bat families tech.

With my suit and powers and magnetos mind survive. I even get a radion bullet and kill darkseid and become king.