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yall don't mind if i make a comic book characters vs video game character forum. it might be long and yall will respond to it

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What exactly would be in the thread? The merits of characterization in comics vs in video games, or actual characters fighting?

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you just do what u gotta do.

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I don't see any question marks so I'm guessing that the op is a statement and that he doesn't care what we think

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What Dan said.

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What Joygirl said

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Sure. I'm sure the rest of yall don't have a problem with it like I don't. Do yall agree? Man yall are crazy. Yall are good people I think. Do yall wanna get a beer or something? I'm not paying though so tabs on yall guys. Yall get what I'm saying?

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@danhimself: don't let the question mark get in the way, now will you guys just give me your opinion please

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@kenleo101: if it's a character vs. character thread then I'm sure there won't be a problem....I'm not sure what point there would be for an all video games characters vs. all comic characters thread though