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Looking over the new releases list for this week, I noticed an entry for "NOV120782 X-WOMEN TP $24.99" which I then hunted down on Marvel's site. The cover image is the same as X-Women, which, I've noted, didn't exactly get inspiring reviews. But the volume itself, according to the product listing, evidently also features X-23 and Cloak & Dagger one-shots, and those are two of my favorite characters (well, three...but Tandy & Ty are inseparable). So...anyone read those "Women of Marvel" books (also features the Dazzler one)? Characters say impulse buy but X-Women #1 backlash suggests exploitation...

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*BUMP* (for primetime rush hour)

TL;DR version: have you read any of the following, and do you recommend them:

Women of Marvel (One Shot)

X-23 (Women of Marvel One Shot)

Cloak & Dagger (Women of Marvel One Shot)

Dazzler (One Shot)

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@akbogert: I think it might be a collection of story starring different female X-Men...... 
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Well if you want to read a one-shot written by Chris Claremont, who isn't the best as he once was and a famous adult artist from South America then this is your book.