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personally i think x-men is alot better but thats just my opinion , i like the fantastic 4 but there movies i thought werent that great ,

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I like the x-men movies better.

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I liked the X-Men movies better because there was more action and story to the movies than in the Fantastic Four movies. In the Fantastic Four movies it seems like there barely was a plot going on.

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I didn't like the X-Men films except for First Class and maybe X-2 was ok.

FF films on the other hand, I loathe to the bone.

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The character depictions in F4 were really good but the plots of both movies were trash, what was the second movie really supposed to be about they combined multiple scripts into that movie.

X-men i loved except X-3 in my top 10 of worst superhero movies.

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The FF movies were terrible. I loved the X-Men movies (except Wolverine and X3)

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The X-Men movies were some of the best comic movies (with the obvious exceptions)
FF tried, but they fell short

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