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So I have a question, since Marvel is bringing all the movies into one to form the avengers where does that leave the X-men and Spiderman? Do the X-men and mutants in general not exist in this world and only the avengers do, or do they some how fit into their world? And what about spiderman I was just wondering about that. Somewhere in Iron man Wakanda is shown on a map and that is ruled by Storm and the Black Panther so I just want some thoughts. Thank you for replying

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Spiderman, because of the reboot, wont be joining the avengers soon unless Disney and Sony get some agreement. X men will also not be joining the avengers world any time soon because they have some films yet to make and release, like deadpool next year, which means their rights to the movies are gonna stick with them for a few more years even if they dont make new movies.

so, if this avengers cinematic world goes on for more years, and sony/fox stop producing movies and lose their rights, marvel/disney gets them and will probably make some good movies out of them. Otherwise as long as there's Xmen/Spiderman movies, Marvel cant touch them

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@Psi21: I'm not sure if mutants will exist in The Avengers film, but I think they deliberately didn't include Spider-Man or the X-Men in order to make the film less convoluted. There's already aliens and stuff, and movie studios grow real hesitant about financing anything too overtly "genre", even comic book movies that are sure to make a lot of money. It's part of why The Green Lantern didn't do well. There was a lot of studio interference with them not wanting to spend too much time on all the aliens in the Lantern Corps, and even the bit of time the aliens did get was torn apart by critics as being "confusing", so... yeah. Until there've been more of these movies, I can't see them combing all of them anytime soon in a big live-action blockbuster.

Also there's the possibility of conflicting rights owners, etc. I'm not sure where all that stands at the moment though so I can't comment on it, but with so many different characters it's a definite possibility.

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There isn't a need for Spider-Man too appear in an Avengers film, and vice-versa. Spider-Man is a character with plenty of interesting villains and adaptable story-lines from the comics, and he doesn't need too share screen time with another major Marvel character. Besides, Spider-Man hasn't even been an Avenger for a decade yet. I think we should try and introduce other characters such as Hank Pym, Janet, Black Panther, Luke Cage, Dr. Strange, Namor and so on before we start convoluting the movie-universe with the wall-crawler. 
The same goes for the X-Men. Every time you go into an X-Men movie that isn't specifically centered around Wolverine, you know you're getting a team of protagonists with their own unique abilities that will have to overcome a villain. There's no need too have literally dozens of heroes on the screen at once.

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Referring to the Wakanda bit. They can change it so that Storm and BP never met, which they most likely will do. Therefore, Wakanda can still be used. Going to agree with Illuminatus on the rest.

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X-Men & Avengers in a different universe, movie wise.

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Same with the fantastic four. Marvel sold on the rights to spider-man, x-men, FF, ghost rider etc, so they legally can't use them in the avengers franchise

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I'd prefer it if all the franchises remained separate for the time being, they seem to be succeeding the most at this rate, so why change that.

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Unfortunately as said before, lots of Marvel film rights aren't actually owned by Marvel so anything Spider-Man, X-Men, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, and some other related stuff won't be in any of their film universe for a long time. The studios that currently own the rights will have to either stop making movies out of those properties for a few years or be willing to sell the rights back to Marvel, which has been a struggle for Disney/Marvel to convince anyone to do.

There is a chance that the studios can cooperate, I think I even heard a rumor that Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man has a cameo in Avengers. Not sure if it's true but it definitely is the least likely scenario.

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@Uncanny_Doom: its not true, it has been debunked. I think it was Whedon that said it wasnt true. Still as someone said it's too soon either.

Even if they had the rights, Id like them to make ONE universe, but not put everyone on the same film. Like a cameo here, a reference there, just so we know it's the same universe and in the future, they can make other movies with different heroes, like Avengers, X-men, Defenders, Shield, any team or organization......

@Deranged Midget: Cant really agree on that. The only one the seems to be suceeding is Disney/Marvel. The other ones have been below the bar and for the more recent ones I think only the Spidey reboot has a nice chance. Joining with the Marvel Cinematic Universe might actually help improve the movies. There's no need to put them all under the same film, just put them in the same studios/company

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@Jorgevy: First Class was arguably the most widely accepted and best reviewed comic book films of all time. They are succeeding by far the most, Marvel is doing extremely well with Iron man, Thor, Captain America, etc and if Sony succeeds with the Amazing Spiderman, then it proves my point.

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@Deranged Midget: AH you got me! I totally forgot about First Class. It was really good, not the best and it messed up a lot of the timelines and introduced a few plot holes to the series but ye it was really good. Still, Marvel made 5/6 so far and 4 are really good and all gave lots of profits. Fox and Sony may be getting on their trails but they still have a long way to go. Specially Fox, them and the X men are not a match made in heaven (ex: Origins Wolverine 0_0)