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Does anyone know of any comic writer's group? Where people can come together, share what they've written and get feedback. Artists get a lot of credit, but writers have an important job too. So, it's only fair...

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I'm personally not too sure on this, but you could head over to the fan-fic boards. Even with original ideas I'm sure a lot of them wouldn't mind helping.

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@Goldenboy_Prime: One would think, except for the fact that for people trying to get into the comic industry it's about more than just being about to make characters. I know for a fact that if you send a submission to Dark Horse, and it's something they own the copyright too, it's destroyed without further evaluation.

I don't have a problem with fanfiction, god knows I wrote enough of it growing up, but it seems like the entire world has forgotten that comics aren't always written by the artist, and the writer does a lot of work too.

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: Well I wasn't pointing you there to get help with fan-fic, it was more of they are writers so getting feedback shouldn't be a problem regardless if it's an original character or your take on a previously created one. I know some of the folks over there made a "How to Write Fan-Fic" guide, personally I'm not into fan-fic on any level but it does give sound advice for writing stories and characters. Also the fan-fic section obviously focuses on the written aspects of comics unless the writer also draws or has collaborated with someone.

What I'm saying is there are some people on this website who would be willing to give you feedback on your work, who mostly deal with fan-fic but that does not make them less competent when it comes to critiquing work. Whether or not the character is an original or Batman writing is writing, the only difference would be a person's familiarity with the character. Personally I'm bigger on the written aspects of a comic then the art. I can forgive subpar artwork, but writing has no such exception.

Anyway good luck I hope you can find what your looking for.