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I guess screw attack is doing some sort of goku vs superman thing and i was watching a few people on youtube talk about it, pretty much all of them at lost up their own butts but I came across this one which really opened my eyes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4ZWZnRcffM

Makes a lot of sense. I've always supported superman in this battle, but this only further intensified my own impressions on the battle. If gokus power level was only 150 million at the most when he fought freeza, and he cannot lift 40 tons...we know for a fact that his power level is not a multiplier and each level of a super saiyan has a set range of power ratings. Gokus physical power is dwarfed by his energy projection, I agree with the line "goku would get his arms ripped off his body" by some versions of superman and that others would be beaten by master roshi. the classic 1990s cartoon version couldnt take grenades and heavy machinery falling on him, Roshis moon buster would literally incinerate those versions of superman that were similar. Nice video. Nice to see someone who actually reads DC comics debate it.

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im so glad i just saw this,because i didn't know how to defend SM when battle between him and Goku shows up(and that's alot of times)

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very nice,I like it

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ya its a great defensive that is truthful, rare to see someone give the right info on youtube, someone disliked it...heh!