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I was just thinking about what it would be like if a Godzilla film was made with Ray Harryhausen's style of claymation. I think it could work pretty well. I always liked the way Ray's creatures came to life, and I think it would be far better and more entertaining than rubber suits or god awful CGI. I always loved this style of animation and I can see it blending very well with Godzilla. Would you go see a Harryhausen Godzilla film?

UPDATE: Apparently Godzilla vs Biollante was going to use claymation but decided not to. Here is a deleted scene (more of a test really) of Godzilla battling Biollante in claymation style. This is exactly what I would want for a clayamation film!

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Why is everyone avoiding this thread?

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@racob7: animatronics would be nice

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@nerx: There was going to be a US film called Godzilla 3D that I heard was going to use animatronics. It was cancelled.

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@racob7: Animatronics + latex would be best