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So, among my friends and people I've talked to on other forums, the consensus of those who have watched the Man of Steel movie, regardless of whether they thought the movie was great or not, thought the Krypton sequence was very cool. Basically, there was this whole science fiction/fantasy world waiting to be explored, yet we only got to see a little 15 minute slice of it.

My question to you comicvine, is would you be willing to buy a movie ticket to see a prequel exploring this world more?

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I did love the unique look of Krypton and I'll watch anything with Russell Crowe especially when he plays a badass.

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Yes. Jor-El was the best part of the movie for me, sans the fight scenes. Didn't really like the rest of the movie

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I'd watch any movie in the Man of Steel universe, I loved it.

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Sure. I'd be even more on board if they made it something like this.

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No, I don't care about Jor-El.

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hmm Nah not a whole movie but I'd love to see Kypton again in the future of the MOS movies.

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Yes I'd watch it! BUT, I'd rather have a sequel or a flash movie.

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I'd watch it but I don't think it would be that entertaining.

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Sure, why not! Krypton was awesome!

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yes jor el is ausome and i love krypton so yes i wud

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Ugh nope. I like Krypton for what it was - establishing the backstory, and Crowe was great. Beyond that, I'm not willing to shell out money for an entire prequel about it.

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Jor El's a Badass I would so throw money at that

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Jor-el was awesome in the movie so thats a yes from me.

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Yeah. The first movie should have ended with the baby ship landing on earth. That'd be cool