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It's late and I'm tired and I just saw another Super vs battle thread and it got me to thinking. I don't hate the guy I'm just taking this from the perspective of an up and coming hero or maybe the private thoughts of a veteran super hero.

"Would I want to be a super hero in the DC universe?"

I mean when you have a dude like Superman Flying around all Godly and super powerful the thought of wanting to help people is very daunting.

You have Lois Lane writing constant love letters articles about him saving the day and hidden messages about how much she was to suck him off and swallow his kids.

It's like mother@# you could instantly vaporize, lobotomize, decapitate sneeze out the universe why must you pretend to hold back its like you just playing with us and secretly taunting us just how great you are. Don't get me wrong I appreciate him saving the day an all but I wouldn't want to be in his shadow as a super hero. I surprise no one in the Justice League from day one when superman says something like I can handle this myself I don't want anyone to get hurt just say F...kyou I'm out.