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I've been making plots and developing characters for this project for around half a year now. I'm going to try to make my own comic series and post it in multiple places such as my blog that I plan to make soon, my deviantART, and possibly here.

The comic series is going to be about the superhero "Climmer" who is largely based off myself.

The character himself:

Real name: Mark Craig

Hero name: Climmer

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 108 lbs

Eyes: Green-gray

Hair: Dirty Blonde

Location: Canada

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Climmer knows the Martial Arts Muay-Thai and Sambo. His weapons are sharpened sticks which can be used to stab, or throw. He also has one hook-like stick to grab people. He does a lot of Parkour and is very fast for the average 15 year old, but he is not very strong. His nails are also pointed when human. When he is made extremely angry (Or if there is a full moon) He turns into a silver werewolf with a white stomach. When in werewolf form he has claws, razor sharp teeth, he is even faster and has the strength of 5 men. Unfortunately, when he is in werewolf form he loses sight of what's good and bad and attacks anything that approaches him.

I have thought of some plot:

One night, Mark's parents are arguing; he is scared and runs away to the forest near his house to do Parkour. He climbs up a tree when he comes across soem gangsters about to kill a man. He tries to grab his knife (He has a lot of items in his tree, he goes there when he is feeling down) but it falls out of the tree. He takes some of his sharpened sticks, and in an act of bravery, jumps out of the tree and stabs one gangster in the back. He kicks the 2nd gangster to the ground. The 3rd gangster points a gun at him. He raises his hands. He quickly throws the stick at the man, and the sharpened end hits him in the eye. Climmer escorts the man into a street around a block away and goes home. While he is walking he realizes how good it felt to save that man, and that he wants to continue saving people. He then decides to become a superhero.

Eventually he takes down the gang that tried to kill that man. He comes out with severe injuries and is packed into a "hospital truck" and driven to the hospital. He was actually kidnapped and experimented on for 2 years. A villain named "the witch-doctor" creates a clone of Climmer, only he is a mix of the doctor and Climmer. Climmer is forced to fight the clone inside the cell he was kept in, and due to his lack of strength while in captivity, is knocked unconsious by the clone.When the clone arrives to give Climmer his lunch (A bowl of soup broth and carrots) he gives Climmer the key to open the window in his cell.Climmer then uses the key to escape, and returns to his family. Eventually he buy's his own house. When he is finished unpacking, a car pulls up and 2 familiar people come out. The witch-doctor and the clone (Who calls himself Immorclay). The doctor makes the clone fight Climmer this time, only Climmer beats him. They get into their car and drive away. While out in the forest, he finds out that a few people from the gang survived, and formed a smaller gang, only 1/4 the size of the original. He simply takes aim and throws a sharpened stick into a gangsters neck. One day, Climmer goes home and finds a tape in his mailbox. He puts the tape on, and finds out the witch-doctor has made a serum that makes his skin hard as stone, and has used it on himself. The witch-doctor is going to kill Climmer's family. The clone arrives at his door and says he escaped from the witch-doctor and wants to help Climmer defeat him. Together they get the witch-doctor thrown in jail.

3 months later, while walking in the woods at night, Climmer feels unwell. His skin is crawling. He falls to his knees and throws up. He takes his hoodie off and begins to shiver when it happens - He turns into a werewolf for the first time. He unknowingly attacks a woman in the forest and returns to his house where he turns human again. Now he knows why his nails are pointed; he is a werewolf. A couple days later, he hears something interesting on the news - A picture of him was taken. In the picture, he sees a silver and white werewolf - Him. Then it shows a video of a different werewolf - This one is black and white. The newscasters tell everyone to lock their doors and stay out of the forest near his house. Climmer decides he should learn how to use his wolf side for good. He finds out he can consiously change into a werewolf if he is extremely concentrated, though most of the time he loses control and ends up breaking something. He finally goes out into the forest (around a month later) because he heard a noise coming from there. He comes across the other werewolf tearing up a police car, and throwing police officers like ragdolls.He goes into his tree and concentrates hard. He turns into a werewolf and pounces on the other one. They fight through the forest, and make it into the streets. Climmer get's bitten in the neck and roars (loses his control) and madly slashes at the other wolf, slicing it's neck with his claws. Then he takes a deep breath and turns human as the werewolf falls to the ground. He watches the now dead black and white werewolf turn into a human - That werewolf was his clone. He ended up killing the one who helped him save his family.

Great wall of text I know XD That's all I have so far. Would you read a comic series based on these events? Would you change anything?

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No I would not read this comic book as it is.  
1. Not about a 15 year old boy. Can you age him between 21-25? 
2. Not into werewolves. How about a demon instead? 
3. Forget the family. Not interested. 
4. I do like the idea of him using sharp sticks and knives to fight with. 
I hope I wasn't to critical . I do wish you luck on however you do decide to write your comic book.

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Change the werewolf thing, and make him a little older. Like 18 or 19. Also A LOT OF ACTION is needed.

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I'd rather not change the whole werewolf part but I could make him older. I thought he could be younger to show that you can still be a hero reagardless of if you're older or younger (Spider-man was 15 when he got his powers, I kind of based his age off that) Thanks~

Edit: I'll probably change the age to 18.

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personally for me it's a stylistical medium so I would judge it when I see it

That said maybe start off by telling us the hook first before going into the story, whether it is the fact he's a werewolf, or about being a hero despite being your age. Obviously a hook can also be something like art style.

That said I noticed something, you wrote "I thought he could be younger to show that you can still be a hero reagardless of if you're older or younger" even though in the OP you said he can't tell right from wrong when he's a werewolf. Well at first this came off as a contradiction but on 2nd thought it might not be. Granted this makes it harder for him to convince the world he is a hero, but his dilemma might add to internal conflict which is technically heroic.

It's kinda like how Spiderman had the Venom symbiote at one point, or how Spawn's costume made him kill people in his sleep. Although those were temporary. (though I don't remember how Spawn's costume was resolved or if it ever was)

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dont put your stories on here, just write and keep writing and make some comics.

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Thanks for the feedback everybody :)

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Good luck.

I didn't read your plot. Based off of the character description I use a Jekyll/Hyde Banner/Hulk type dynamic. The parkour and martial arts idea is interesting, but I wouldn't make him a martial arts master. You want to the readers to relate. Oh yeah, I would lose the claws while human. That's just me.

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the artist knows best, when fans try to mess up things too much it gets bad. you can't please greeks and trojans, so just go with your inspiration.

Protip though: try to add somethings of your own into the werewolf mythos. like the full moon thing is super cliche but is part of the tradition, just like vamps sucking blood. but you can add other unique stuff to your universe about werewolves, like I donno, werewolves are generally allergic to silver but maybe 1 in each 1000000 is not due to some screwed gene or something and instead are allergic to "mineral or item/object X"

I just think that you should add a lot of your own stuff to your universe and don't stick too much to the usual myths. Like, keep the basics, but add some unique stuff ( DONT MAKE THEM SPARKLE AND TAKE THEIR SHIRTS OFF EVERY TEN SECONDS THOUGH)

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He wasn't designed to be a master at them. Sorry if I said that in the OP XD

As for the fellow above, the werewolves in my story are not allergic to silver and shift when they are angered (If they master their wolf form they can shift at will)

Thanks again :)

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@luhjgh:Sounds good! I like the Werewolf idea. But take away the pointy nails while human like some one else said. Maybe add more creators as well.

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Ditch their werewolf and it's good, be careful though not to get too caught up in following daredevil / kick ass in the character

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I like the werewolf angle. You can play with that a bit --- I like also the tragedy in terms of the clone. I would say you should dive right into the story and through re-writes, you will get what makes you satisfied. Even with the age. Stick with what you know.

You have great ideas. :)