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Poll: Would you rather have immunity to Blunt or Piercing weaponry? (14 votes)

Blunt 36%
Piercing 64%

As in lets say you IRL got complete immunity to one.

No matter how hard the punch or weight dropped on you,could be 12 sextillion tons it wouldn't hurt you at all but a small little pocket knife is still a threat.


No matter what kind of blade or piercing weapon it is it wouldn't even hurt you. You could be shot at with FTL molecular cutting Adamantium bullets but they would just bounce right off but a guy with a baseball threat could beat you down.

Which do you choose?

#1 Posted by Wolfrazer (6710 posts) - - Show Bio

Piercing for sure.

#2 Posted by i_like_swords (14363 posts) - - Show Bio

Piercing. The aim of most lethal weapons is to pierce the vital areas of the body and cause damage, whereas blunt normally means non-lethal. Then again.. with blunt I'd be a pretty good boxer.

#3 Posted by Pr0metheus (5160 posts) - - Show Bio

@i_like_swords: Untill they got pissed off at you and tried shooting you when you leave the building :P

#4 Posted by PowerHerc (83671 posts) - - Show Bio


Then I'd become a professional fighter an never have to worry about strikes hurting me.

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#6 Posted by JetiiMitra (8628 posts) - - Show Bio

Eh, not sure. It seems like blunt damage is easier to avoid though, so I'll go with piercing immunity.

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#8 Posted by RetconCrisis (3852 posts) - - Show Bio

Piercing. Tanking bullets, swords, spears, knives, and the worst of all, PAPER CUTS! They're so annoying, you never notice them until they get all itchy... :P

Then again, blunt immunity would help in martial arts, which I do, but I'd rather play fair and be able to survive bullets, then play fair and get one shotted by a knife.

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Piercing easily

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@retconcrisis: What about being that guy that can survive bullets but an Average Joe and beat up without any weapons :D

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If piercing includes bullets, I'd take that all day. I'd never have to worry about poking my head around cover, and I could shield a downed buddy with my body.

Blunt force would be nice, but I'm capable enough in a fight without it and I really don't foresee too many situations where it'll be life threatening.