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Full question: Would Charles Xabier be able to control the mind of the Hulk?

I wonder if that is possible, if the Hulk is too enraged and irrational to be controlled and whether there is some evidence on that or something similar.

Thank you.

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He'd have to be pretty angry, I think, but yeah.

In Onslaught, I think Jean Grey was able to completely suppress Hulk's Banner side, so he was just a big ball of rage. If Jean can do that, I bet Xavier could do something even more impressive.

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To a point where he could probably direct his rage at something. Not sure about total control, though.

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During World War Hulk, Xavier tried and failed to stop Hulk telepathically.

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Lol Xabier

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@gambit1024: Well, Banner is not Hulk.

@guttridgeb: That was my guess, but I didn't know about any specific event. Thank you.

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@guttridgeb: Yeah, I was going to mention this. But there's also the fact that that was Hulk at what some people could consider to be the peak of his power, and he's changed over the years, so it depends I guess.

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@trylks: Thanos recently was able to control Hulk but IIRC hr and Emma Frost failed during World War Hulk

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@darknightgotham: It's Xavier. Doubt he could control him, but he may be able to do something.

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Xavier could control him to a point. The angrier Hulk gets the harder it would be for Chuck to control him, but he could still use subtler tricks to at least direct the Hulk.

Now as others were saying, he wasn't able to effect him at all in WWH, but Hulk was no-selling attacks like crazy in that frickin' series so I don't take it too seriously.

While I think Hulk's rage would eventually trump Chuck's mental powers as far as mind control goes, Xavier SHOULD still be able to effect the Hulk in lesser ways, i.e. false images and such.