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Poll: would jason todd have been better off dead then having come back as red hood and going insane (21 votes)

yes 24%
no 48%
unsure 29%

the title

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i mean i loved jason todd as robin but everytime i think about him i cant help but think how psychotic he turned out i would have been fine with todd dying and damian living and todd becoming a name on batmans list of things hell never forgive himself for

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I like it, it's the one Robin that questioned Batman's moral code.

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His death certainly gave Joker the definition of Batman's greatest foe. Now that title is taken away by "Bland (Not Bane) evil twin of Damien"

Shame too I enjoyed Damien more as the black sheep.

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Then we would have never gotten Under the Red Hood. So no. Being the Red Hood hasn't made him no longer Batman's greatest failure.

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Man, I really need to watch Under the Red Hood again.

Love that movie...

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if RHATO was made to be more punisher-esque as jason has no prob with deadly force or like wolverine's x-force then i would have no prob with the book or character but it comes off as a bat book with no real direction so its pulled in 50 different directions . simply put it's trying too hard to please and falling short of its goal

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I never read much with Jason as Robin. I liked it when he first came back as Red Hood but other than that I don't care about the character too much.