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I chose D, but it would matter to some... probably a lot actually.

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@_slim_ said:

I chose D, but it would matter to some... probably a lot actually.

this is why I chose C. I dont care, but others might and it would MATTER. It would probably be on the news

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The reaction would be hilarious.

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@InnerVenom123 said:

The reaction would be hilarious.


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. Wouldn't have any impact on the story. Of coarse you'd get the people making a big fuss, but small minds aside it wouldn't matter one bit.

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It would be a total ripoff of Xena and Gabriella.

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Depends. I don't see homosexual characters a big deal. It's just the romantic partner looks different. Not much different. Others might make a big deal out of it though, so I picked C.

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Don't care, as long as it's good. Still, choosing Wonder Woman is playing on the safe side. A lot of guys think lesbians are hot

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I'm a Steve Trevor fan. That man will get out of the Friend-zone....hopefully. Doesn't really matter thou.

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Parents would be up in arms.

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Would it be rated M if so totally. Think about WW in her bathing suit of a costume then......oh yeah this site is for children too.....dammit

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Depends,would it be aimed towards adults?

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I love that for WW it's okay but a lot of people were up in arms if it were Batman. Personally if a character was written a certain way it should stay that way, making WW gay or bi would just be way to belittle the character to make more money. If they wanna do this make a new character.

EDIT: Though now that I think about it, a alt Universe version might be okay, but if the only thing that changed was her sexual orientation then count me out.

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D. would be my reaction. As long as her being with a woman isn't the main focus I wouldn't care.

A lot people would get really pissed though.

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If her love interest is Storm, then that would be awesome!

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yes, i dont think the public is ready for homosexual cartoon charecters

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Yes it would matter, no I wouldn't be against it. If any character is appropriate to explore sapphic themes, it's comics' most famous Amazon.

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Does she actually have one in the comics, or would this just be doing it for the sake of doing it?

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I don't care. Just wondering. Are you hoping or something? What brings this up?

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If they did, it would be patronizing/a cheap ploy for attention.

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@ratman19 said:

yes, i dont think the public is ready for homosexual cartoon charecters


there would be a lot of people complaining ad wanting to cancel the series

i vote i yes because is the reality, but personally i don't care about, if the series is going to be bad it's going to be bad if she is lesbian or not

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yes, it would be super controversial. Many homophobic groups would of course condemn it, but then a lot of non- homophobic guys that have been having fantasies about her for the last 3 decades would be crushed.

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@Manwhohaseverything said:

If they did, it would be patronizing/a cheap ploy for attention.

I kinda agree with this. I mean WW most famous love interests (The ones non comic fans are aware of) have been Steve Trevor, Superman, and Batman to suddenly choose some out of the blue character that doesn't fill out the basis of WW key past love interests just seems like a way to get horny people to fap at a lesbian couple.

I have no problem with WW having a romantic relationship with another woman so long as it's established and placed in a good enough story. Plus small minded people and Fox news will be all over it so I guess it will matter.

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Of course it would matter! I'm not against it, but Wonder Woman has never been very relationship-oriented...but when she has, it's been toward men. I'm not against her being bisexual or having a same-sex relationship, but to just throw it out there would be a gimmick, and not part of a good story.