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I think it would,But if they ever do bring them back they should diffently give them more issues and a better storyline,Don't get me wrong the amalgams comics stories are great just need more of a intro on how the story began like for explam in the dark claw and spiderboy issues the ones i have i wondering how the story started and what happen next in the next issues other than that it was great just needed more story to it.Anyways if they ever bring the amalgam heroes back they should re-design

their costumes alil bit.

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I would like to see a modern Amalgam universe. Like have Bucky combined with Dick, etc.

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That was a very strange time in comics, I was but a wee child, all I can remember was batman and wolverine and robin and jubilee combined, it looked really really bad even from a little kids stand point

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This guy was pretty cool

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I pretty much liked the idea back then and I still like it today. Brought some fresh air to comics that was seriously needed. With the recent events the amalgam universe could be also more interesting. I think I would pick it up.

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It could work if done right!

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Do you really want to see the return of...

Robin + Jubilee = Sparrow

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No thank you

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@xerox-kitty: Okay whats wrong with sparrow?
I think shes a good combination of robin and jubilee.
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I would  love to see The Amalgam Universe return.My favorite one was Diana Prince .They should give a better explaination about who they became who they are,like who did Dark Claw became part Wolverine and part Batman.

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Naw, Im good I think Darkclw looked incredibly corny and over done.... he looked like a reject from the old image universe... Sparrow was corny... Ra's a Pocalypse... come one.. CORNY! Dare the terminator? BOOOOOOOO! I still have these comics collecting dust in my garage. they tried too hard to combine names,costumes and it didnt look good.

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I agree with the time I thought they were awesome but now they just seem cheesey

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Believe it or not I really want to know what happens in the Bruce Wayne: Agent of SHIELD comic. They really leave you hanging.