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Would people buy a story where the Galactic Empire sets its sights on Earth and attacks? If so, who should write it for best showing?

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It would be interesting as long as it were non-canon. Probably best left for fanfic, but there's so little good fanfic.

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Not really. I don't like crossovers in general. Things get silly, fast.

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Guardians of the Galaxy should step in lol

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It would have to follow Patton Oswalt's rant to the letter.

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@mitran: Perhaps Non Canon is best, though it would be fun for the visuals alone? Am I the only one who wants to see Hulk tear apart a Battle Cruiser, or see Captain America fight Darth Sidious?

I mean, I can think of one rather cool X-over done with Marvel after all, but imagine if it was done with the full universe.

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@krspacet: Visuals would easily be the best part. I would want to see Cap getting along with ARC troopers, seeing a trooper or Jedi (here's to Obi-Wan) getting to wield Mjolnir, or Boba Fett testing himself against a few of the Marvelites - Wolverine, Daredevil, and unarmed against Punisher would be awesome. And Doom vs Sidious in a staring contest. It would be awesome. And of course, the eventual fights would be on a spectacular scale.

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@mitran: If anything, Marvel seems to have pretty good artists from what I've read and seen of the events, though of course the writer remains to be seen if there is someone on the Marvel team capable of writing a good story on this scale.

Let's see....

Bendis doesn't have the right reputation

Hickman would get too philosophical

Fraction is best with B and C listers...which Vader is not

Slott...probably worse than Bendis right now

I mean, if it was DC vs Star Wars, I'd say Johns due to his good writing experiences with conflicts (Sinestro Corps, Blackest Night and Trinity War) and the fact that he'd be the most likely to throw in enough continuity porn to keep the EUers happy. Can't think of a good Marvel guy for the job though

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Obviously I wouldn't want it to be canon, but Star Wars crossing over with Marvel would be pretty epic. There should be mini series' on different scales.

For example, a bunch of street levellers band together to take down Boba Fett and a few other mercenaries. That could be interesting.

Then on the larger scale, Vader invading New York City could be cool. A storyline where Vader becomes president would be sick.

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Vader vs. Hulk?

Darth Sidious vs. Dr. Doom?

The Imperial Fleet vs. The Avengers?

Yeah I think I'm up for that. Non-canon of course.

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@krspacet: Dark Horse might have a writer that would be up for it, though I haven't read anything by them. From Marvel, I've heard great things about Keith Giffen for his Annihilation storyline, so he might be a good choice. Maybe Waid? But I agree about Johns from DC, even if his New 52 stuff has been lacking.

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It'll happen. I have resigned myself to that fact.

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Are lightsaber hilts metallic?

*pictures Magneto having a field-day here* :D