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I was going to make a list of the worst teammates to have in a group. I am not just stating abilities I mean to partner team up with. I wonder what in your opinion of what would be the worst team members to have. It can be villains, heroes, or neutrals. I am looking for hotheads, backstabbers, cowards, idiots and etc.

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Zero Toad Gambit Masque Brent Jackson Mystique Stryfe Sabretooth The Jackal Joker Loki Deadpool

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@Solarflare32: can you use commas and explain

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Hawkeye, Moondragon, US Agent, Namor all came straight to mind... the characters have redeeming features and aren't entirely unlikeable but all have abrasive personalities and can be real jerks most the time.

Hawkeye is usually a real stubborn bully when he doesn't get his own way and storms out of rooms. He's also very prone to back-stabbing.

Moondragon is incredibly smug and thinks she's the best.

US Agent is stupid and headstrong and usually ends up insulting people by not thinking before he speaks.

Namor is similar to Moondragon where he thinks he's the best there is and he'll also totally screw you over if Atlantis is in trouble.

With that said, they're all good and loyal team-mates to have if you can handle their personalities.

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@InfinityOmelette said:

You're so wrong.

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Also add Quicksilver to my list of abrasive avengers. the guy's betrayed the team a few times and is pretty happy to lie and blame someone else rather than take responsibility for his actions.

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Murderous vigilantes obviously, hence why characters like Punisher and Ghost Rider don't spend much time in teams (current writers seem to not care about this though).

Someone brought them up recently, and sorry to them, but the Sisterhood of Mutants was one of the worst compilations of characters that have every motivation to not

work together.

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I will start my list here are a few I will set down yes I am including manga as well

Starscream: in every carnation he is a poor strategist. His over confidence makes him easy to defeat by lesser experience and skill characters.

Dawn: a terrible her lack of leading her pokemon can easily cause failure trainer and she fails it is difficult for her get back on her feet

Cheetor: the usual look before you leap character. Does not know when to stop

Shinji Ikari: a character that is complete dead weight. His cowarwardness makes it

Kodachi Kuno: she endangerment to any ally and foe alike. her obsession can undo any plan

Sentry: he is a danger to everyone. His mental instability make it that

Misfit: another character that jumps the gun but she can also force other teammates to their bad habits. She also disobedient when she feels that that mission she was told to do belittles her even though it is necessary.

Scrappy Doo: never thinking ahead he will make teammate do twice the work for fixing his mistakes. I think of him as the first of the leeroy jenkins

I will add Quick Silver, Punisher, US agent

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Magneto ... How many times does he have to turn on the x-men before they take the hint.....?... Classic Wolverine... He's always out on his own adventures and joining other teams.. Bishop... He's going to flip out about the future and try to kill your leader or teammates at some point.. Gambit... Never know what he's up too. Plus the silverware always comes up missing. Hulk... He has anger issues.. Guy Gardner/Green Lantern... He's always been a jerk to his teammates. Classic Aquaman ... It's a long time joke , everyone knows why. Sandman... How many times has this guy flip flopped between good and evil? Wonderman... He's always been a premadona and has had issues with teammates. Dishonorable mention... Quicksilver, Some Versions of Batman, Hawkeye, Agent, Tony Stark (Civil war) , Punisher, Deadpool, Lobo,

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No mention of Moon "Does Not Play Well With Others" Knight?

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Classic Guy Gardner on grounds of being a hot head and an idiot

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Wolverine !!!

Because he is the best there is at what he does and what he does best is DRINKING BEER!
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This guy

His two trusted tech sidekicks ended up trying to kill him, if it's any indication.

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I feel that wolverine is initiation punching bag. When a new character joins the team they rate how quiet him. One of the things that makes him bad ass is he can take it. I think it is required that you have to knock him down to maintain the team. He does have problem insulting a teammate girl friend or wife. The examples include spider-man and cyclops.

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@Hazlenaut said:

He does have problem insulting a teammate girl friend or wife.

lol. Wolverine doesn't discriminate, he'll insult anybody. But his names don't always come from a place of annoyance or anger, sometimes that's just how expresses affection.

What about Namor? He's a pompous a-hole, and that's not exactly the sort of personality best suited for teamwork lol

eta: omg, sorry for all the call-outs! My internet is being weird D:

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@nickthedevil: Uhm... how so? He's not exactly Quicksilver level of bad team-mate.

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[the bad guys] #1.The Joker...Same as Dr.Doom but toss in the fact that he's a complete nutcase and might kill you 'just for a laugh'. #2. Dr.Doom... Doesn't matter if he's teaming with good guys or bad guys because at the end of the day he's going to leave you hanging, steal the powerful weapon for himself or just flat out try to kill you..he's so bad that hevhas to build robots or use zombies to build his army because he just can't stop killing ppl. (the good part is that being that Doom has a sick sense of honor and is a perfectionist, your team will most Likely win the conflict) Until he turns on you. #3. Thanos... Would you want your partner to be a super evil genius who is obsessed with death? Simple fact ,you are not going to lose to anyone with him by your side BUT how long will he be there. Chances are he's going to have his own plans which will lead you into a direct fight with Galactus and him using you as a shield of some sort. #4. Sabertooth... Well he's killed almost all of his army teammates and I won't even bother with the Wolverine issue or his evil to good and back flip flops over the years.

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Speaking of worst teammates - Eric o'Grady aka Ant-Man. I mean, he is funny, but do you really want him to be a part of your team? Imagine the reaction of female temmates when they learn that he is using his powers to stalk women?

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Ant-Man seem to have problems with people with authority or anyone has an advantage over him in someway. Does he have an inferiority complex?

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In the end he would just do whatever he wants.

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Scarlet Witch and Polaris. When they are on their game they're great, but mental instability seems to be a recurring thing with the females in that family... Plus Polaris runs off with Havok more than staying with any one team...

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Hannibal Bates

Because no one wants a teammate that might eat you.

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Joker. The ONE villain not invited to the Society.

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Cassidy, Roque, Lono and Remi Rome

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I will add Joker since you have to be ready for a backstab at any moment. he can serve as a distraction but even than you will be considered insane by the group for adding him. I will add antman for having a terrible past that may have a chance to be affected on the mission. Scarlet Witch and Haruhi Suzumiya reality scramblers should be last decision to do. Haruhi is worst since it is difficult to be around five minutes of her. your team would likely act like act like Kratos from God of War to kill her, or act like Iago from Aladdin to badger her to activate her powers for chaos already done.

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Did US agent was the one who insulted with King Arthur wife. I am not sure if it was flirt or insulted it has been while

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The Comedian. Yup. If you've read Watchmen, I don't need to explain this.

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Worst teammates hero or villain are female ones. Totally useless and everyone would be better off without them.

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@Catsnlynne said:

Worst teammates hero or villain are female ones. Totally useless and everyone would be better off without them.

Wait what?!

That is completely sexist bull. Look at the Teen Titans or X-Men, a majority of their most powerful members have been women and Susan Storm is the most dangerous member of the Fantastic Four.

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No mention of Constantine Yet? Almost everyone around that guy dies.

Seriously. It's like his defining character trait. He admits it himself.

Also The Hulk (In my opinion though subject to change). I mean even in the Avengers where he was a crucial part he still fought them and even punched Thor while saving the day.

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Anyone who shoots and kills his teammates is, in my humble opinion, a bad teammate.

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Lady Shiva


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@Crash_Recovery: all the watchman characters are walking tragedies waiting to happen. I just put in Dr. Manhatan. Give me some time to calculate the others on where they rank. In case anyone is wondering my list is a top 15 and looking in all characters.

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I think I just found two of the worst teams; Nerv and the Minute Men. It is surprising two are from series the change what we think of comics, manga and anime for their dark perspectives. They have most messed up characters.

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Deadpool, for obvious reasons.

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Almost all the Predacons. Seriously Megatron(as much as I love BM Megs) got betrayed at least once by almost all the Predacons.

Rampage: he is an unstable psychopath who wants to kill everything.

Tarantulas: he had his own agenda.

Terrorsaur: pretty much BM Starscream.

Quickstrike: was stupid and fell for Tarantulas's mind games.

Dinobot: too honorable for the Predacons.

Blackarachia: former Maximal turned Predacon, this can not go wrong.

Seriously there is no way these guys could work well on a team with each other. Which is why, in my opinion, they were one of the best transformers teams.

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Wolvie, Frank, Hulk, raphael and Grimlock because they wouldn't listen and would just do their own thing

Deadpool because he is F'ing crazy he might listen but only for a second

Thor and Namor unless you can gain their respect they will ignore you.

Star scream is a great one because he will always try to be the leader by snaking you

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The Joker, Kratos, Deadpool and John Constantine.

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@joeagentofhand1: Megatron makes them work which is showing of his leadership but that still does not excuse that that most are very difficult to work with. This may be the reason some of them switch sides. Tarantulas seem like great example of a horrible team member care only for own being. He is very predictable due to his cruel eating habits and his gloating. I need to put more thought where would he rank.

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If I was a hero myself I can tell you I would not want to e partnered with Loki, namor, punisher, magneto, even catwoman, sentry too. Though he isn't comic vegeta would be a b**** as a partner. Though he's really powerful in dbz I feel bad for anyone around that chicken s*** baby b****