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What is the worst place to in fiction,in your opinion

Personally I'd Hate to be in the Bleach world, because you don't see the monster that run around if you're a normal human

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Arkham Asylum

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I was going to say Walking Dead or another Zombie type world. But after seeing this

@dondave said:

Arkham Asylum

I change my mind, Arkham is defiantly the worse way to go. In a Zombie world you actually have other survivors you can talk to and draw support from. Although a ZW would be a truly hellish environment, in Arkham you are trapped in a small box-like room with nothing to do but go crazy, and no way to put yourself out of your own misery...

That would be the worst...

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a Hell dimension from some random comic universe.

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@jorgevy said:

a Hell dimension from some random comic universe.

Probably this^.

- Daaerk

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Hell from Dante's Inferno

No contest

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A less significant planet in the Imperium of Man

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Mordor. Or doctor who's earth. There is no way anyone will be able to withstand both weeping angles and the silence. No blinking and hands full of odd markings that make literally no sense and keep going increasing. You'd go crazy before you knew it.

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England doing V for Vendetta.

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Westeros. Are you a person of power and importance? You'll probably be betrayed and die horribly. Are you lowly and unimportant? You'll probably die horribly due to the powerful people's machinations.

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One of the many Hells we have dreamt up over the years.

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The 40k-verse.......there's not many fictional universes that can contend with that for pure awfulness.

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Limbo, it's basically hell.