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Who would u be more afraid of

A bloodlusted kryptonian

A bloodlusted thor

A bloodlusted hulk

A bloodlusted green lantern

A bloodlusted martian manhunter

Which would u be more afraid of and why

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More than anyone on the list, Silver Surfer.

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I wouldn't want to piss Wolverine off.

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Agent Venom, Spawn, or Wolverine (don't have a good picture of him). Pretty much anyone with military training who could make the pain last for as long as possible whilst keeping you alive.

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Wouldn't want to piss off Scarlet Spider either. He's like Wolverine just with Spider-Man's powers.

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Midnighter. Anyone else like Thor or Silver Surfer would just kill you when pissed off. He would come up with the most creative way to cause you pain and leave you writhing in it.

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Hi. I'll actually answer your question instead of just naming my favorite character.

On your list, definitely Martian Manhunter. The other could all kill me instantly sure, but I'd consider it a worse fate to have my mind wiped away.

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...it ain't worth it

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Anyone that belongs to big known group or any solo known hero or villiain.

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Black Bolt

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Martian Manhunter

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I'd be terrified of an angry Martian Manhunter

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Diana, and Martian Manhunter, (because under normal circumstances Superman probably still wouldn't kill you) or the flash since he can turn you into a living statue.


Silver surfer(since if he was angry enough he would do unnatural things to you) Thor, and the Hulk as well as wolverine. Ghost Rider too but you'd also have to be a very very bad person to feel the full extant of his wrath.

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Black Adam

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Out of those you mentioned, I'd be scared the most of a bloodlusted Thor or Kryptonian.

If they weren't bloodlusted and just off morals, MM would be hands down the most terrifying one.

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From the list Martian Manhunter

But I'd be more afraid of the Spectre the guy enjoys and he's creative look what he does look what he did to Dr light. Everyone on the list you stand even the smallest of chances of survival with the Spectre that's it.

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A bloodlusted MM is the most scary of those by far.

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There's so much J'onn could do to my mind if he really wanted to, I'd be most scared of him.

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On the list, Martian Manhunter. Forget killing, he'd could mindrape you.

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Wolverine and the hulk

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I don't want Martian Manhunter to demolish my mind from the inside.

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honest i would be more afraid of a bloidlusted green lantern or martian manhyunter

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The Blob would eat you.

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Infinity #3 reminded me why I wouldn't want to piss off Black Bolt. Just damn.