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Who do you think should play Wonder Woman? I would pay extra money to see Gina Corano in a Wonder Woman outfit.

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I Like Megan Fox

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Gemma Arterton

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Whoever she is.
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Gina Corano. How is this a question anymore? Has no one seen Haywire? Before that movie my first pick was Gina Torres, but now it's Gina Corano.

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@SNascimento: Ew she has a baby face. Wonder Woman can't have a baby face! >:[

Hmm maybe Rebecca Hall? She's a pretty amazing actress. but in terms of looks I agree with @muhabba: Gina Corano <3

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Call me cliché but Lucy Lawless.

Jaime Murray would be considerable.

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Lucy Lawless? LOL..Wonder Woman is supposed to be hot. Lucy Lawless (even on Xena) was never even close to being considered hot.

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@DaAwesome2 said:


Lucy Lawless? LOL..Wonder Woman is supposed to be hot. Lucy Lawless (even on Xena) was never even close to being considered hot.

Still, she's one of the best candidates in terms of character. It's her typecast to be strong, independent and powerful women. I'd rather her be Wonder Woman than someone like Megan Fox (as mentioned before) just because Megan is deemed as "hot".

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Megan Fox is definitely not the right choice. She doesn't have that sexy yet buff look. Jessica Biel has the body and she can act. But I don't know how good you want the actress to be.

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@spinningbirdcake said:

Whoever she is.


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@SNascimento said:

Gemma Arterton

hell yeah !  i agree with this.
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Lynn Collins who played Princess Dejah Thoris in the recent movie "John Carter of Mars" movie. I've never seen an actress who better embodied the characteristics and look of Wonder Woman and apparently I'm not the only person who noticed... And for the record I predicted Christian Bale would make a great Batman long before Batman Begins ever went into production, way back in the year 2000, based on his performance in "American Psycho". Just sayin'.

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@DaAwesome2: So you'd rather have someone you deem pretty to look at who can't act for toffee, as opposed to say, someone less pretty to look at who can actually act and would be best suited for the role?


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Jessica Biel is a crappy actress now? I'm going to disagree as she has done more than Lucy Lawless. And been part of better projects than Lucy Lawless as well.

Now if you talkin' about Megan Fox then I'll agree whole heartedly that Lucy is better than her. And regardless of the commercial success of Transformers, I'm even going on record as saying that Lawless has been part of better stuff. Spartacus is def better written than Transformers and Lucy did a better job in her role as well.

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I'd say I've already perfectly casted the entire Justice League. Wonder Woman was definitely the most difficult, and the least certain, but mine is still a better suggestion than any other I've yet heard. From Who could play the Justice League in a live action film?

@RideASpaceCowboy said:

I'm assuming Justice League will take place in a separate continuity than Man of Steel, given that the later was made without a shared cinematic universe in mind. If I remember correctly he had been cast temporarily as Superman in the past (the failed Superman Lives) and is the voice actor for the character in the upcoming animated adaptation of Geoff John's Brainiac.

He's best known for Brad in How I Met Your Mother. He towers over even Jason Segel, so he definitely has the physical presence to pull off a believable Batman.

She's best known as Ellie from Chuck. She's the only actress I know with all the Bs of WW: a beautiful blue-eyed brunette with busty breasts; plus she's got got the acting range to go from sweet to tough and back again.

He starred in The Finder. I've never seen the show, but he's a big dude with comedic timing.

He's the guy from the Old Spice commercials that's not Ray Lewis; like Sarah Lancaster, he also was on Chuck. Still, I'd prefer Hal Jordan, as he's got a classic comic book bromance with Barry Allan, just like Bruce and Clark.

Billy the Kid from Expendables 2. If you've seen that movie, you know he has instant likability.

Evidently I was wrong about the blue eyes in my original post, but she's still my top choice.

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Truth be told Christian Bale wasn't all that great IMO. He's a good Bruce Wayne. I don't like him as Batman. I think they should've let him play the part. But once he got in the Bat suit, they should've just used Kevin Conroy (from the cartoon) voice. LOL. It was dark but not over the top and hokey.