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Now ussually when you go into the movie theatre, or comic book store, or living room to watch tv you expect for a guy to kick all that asses and for the women to get captured, be a plot device, or something of the sorts. I personally find that women are the most bada$$ thing to ever happen to pop culture. Black Widow has been a good character since the start no matter how much her accent and orgin has changed (Iron Man 2). One of the reasons why I almost stopped reading comics was because women were become straight sex objects and plot devices. The crazy thing is that you don't need to be pretty to kick total a$$ ( Ellen f*cking Ripley). Although, going around in a tight suit and kicking a$$ is fine with me ( Power Girl).

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Samus = #1 (screw you, Other M)

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Wrong. Batman and the Avengers movie is the most badass thing to happen to pop culture.

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Bada$$ women are great.  In comics or in movies.  And its not just when they're fighting, also their overall demeanor.  For instance, Jessica Jones is not a great fighter, but is awesomely hard core in Alias.
But fighting is great too.  Beatrix Kiddo is awesome in Kill Bill.  As is Ellen Ripley (and Aliens' Velasquez too) or La Femme Nikita.  Hit Girl.  Trinity in the Matrix.  Sarah Connor!  Miho in Sin City.  Black Widow and Elektra.  The list goes on and on.  But basically I just agree, tough ladies are a great part of pop culture.

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Anybody regardless of race, gender, or alliance can be badass in my opinion.

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Russ meyer anyone?

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@Owie: Good list!

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Kreia - Powerful, calculating, intelligent, wise, complex, mysterious, Machiavellian. Truly a badass character and one of the best written characters in the Star Wars universe.

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Sara Pezzini aka Witchblade
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Cassie Hack

Jakita Wagner

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@JediXMan said:

Samus = #1 (screw you, Other M)

I can't express my love for this post enough.

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Of course they are badass.

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That they are.

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My woman is badass to, she makes me a mean sandwich. =3.

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I like my badass women in smaller sizes

Don't forget the little ladies :)
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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

Anybody regardless of race, gender, or alliance can be badass in my opinion.

Yup, but the Women have to be trained and Now how to whoop the a$$

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