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What effect would Wolverine's adamantium claws have on the following?

A) Darkseid

B) Odin

C) Juggernaut

D) Master Chief

E) Judge Dredd

F) Data's skull

G) Galactus

H) He-Man's sword

I) Technodrome

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A.) Hurt him physically. Wouldn't be enough to take him down.

B.) Nothing. At most scratch him by less than a millimeter.

C.) Nothing. Impervious to physical harm.

D.) Kill him

E.) Kill him

F.) Damage it

G.) Nothing

H.) Nothing

J.) Damage it

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I thought Master Chief's armor would protect him.

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@JohnnyZ256 said:

I thought Master Chief's armor would protect him.

From Adamantium ? No chance.

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Wolverine's claws have not been enchanted and are further limited by the amount of force applied in the opposing direction. They are physically capable of inflicting damage only if the man possesses sufficient strength against the opposing tensile resistance; should the opposing substance represent greater material density, in terms of molecular bonds for example, the man controlling the claws would thus be unable to inflict greater than negligible damage. This explains why the fast-ball special maneuver is particularly effective in such circumstances.

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To as further to Odin's durability. Here is a scan of Thor after being clawed by Wolverine. As you can see the only caused scratches. Odin has shown much more durability when being attacked by Thanos and Silver Surfer together.