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There are a couple avengers books for Marvel such as The Avengers, Avengers Assemble, Uncanny Avengers, New Avengers, Young Avengers, Secret Avengers etc. and I was wondering how they differ from one another, what each book focuses on and which is the best?

X-men also has a handfull off books like All New X-men, Cable and X-force, Uncanny X-force, Wolverine and the X-men etc. What's difference and which's the best?

Wolverine will have two books Savage Wolverine and Wolverine. How are the different from eachother?

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Avengers titles differ chiefly in their mission. The "Uncanny Avengers" for example is a team lead by Havok with one of their chief goals being to unite the human and mutant populations and remove prejudice and fear. They are a direct answer to the fallout of AvX. "Secret Avengers" is more of a black ops group, going on secret missions for SHIELD, almost more of a Spy story than the traditional Superhero team. "Young Avengers" carries an entirely separate roster of superpowered youth doing their own thing without nessesarily taking orders from the actual Avengers bosses.


Similar deal with the differant X-Men titles. "All New X-Men" is the story of the X-Men First Class Mutants being brought out of the past and into the present, and how they react to all the changes they find in the world. "Cable & X-Force" is, not surprisingly, the story of Cable leading a group of more militant mutants and some specific missions of his direction without being nessesarily under orders from the X-Men leaders. In fact, Cable and Collossus are both considered to be somewhat on-the-run right now and are generally considered fugitives. "Uncanny X-Force" is a black ops mutant squad being lead by (I believe) Psylocke now to go and do the sort of dirty, nasty jobs that most of the mutants don't want to. Rather than allow someone to rebuild Sentinels, for example, X-Force would just go and assassinate the man behind the operation before the factories were even up and running. Their actions remain hidden from most of the other X-Men because it would not be approved of. "Wolverine & the X-Men" is the story of Wolverine as the headmaster of the new School, and is mostly about the students, teachers, and school, rather than an actual field team fighting against supervillains. "Uncanny X-Men" is basically a fancy way 'Brotherhood'; it's Cyclops' team with Magneto, Magick, and Emma Frost, hated by the other X-Men, outlawed by the nation, and doing things to help mutants rather than worrying about humans. Basically they are following Magneto's dream instead of Xavier's. "X-Men Legacy" is the story of Legion, Xavier's son, and all his crazy all-powerful schitzophrenic stuff. "X-Men" is probably the classic X-Men title that you recall, just a team of mutant superheroes off to save the world.

"Wolverine" is the traditional Wolverine book you are accustomed to. "Savage Wolverine" is the story of Wolverine living in the Savage Land with Ka-Zar and dinosaurs and whatnot.

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@Sharkbite: which would you recomend and what bout avengers assemble and new avengers?

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Avengers, New Avengers, and Avengers Assemble I haven't actually been pulling, so I can't give you more specifics there.

My recommendation, if I could choose only one of each, I like Uncanny Avengers for an Avengers title (mostly because Red Skull using the surgically removed brain of Charles Xavier as a mind control weapon is just too cool).

"All New X-Men #1" was the top selling X-title so that would be the popular choice, but with Marvel Now just starting the relaunch, I'm presently holding out for "Uncanny X-Men". I think watching Cyclops and Magneto's team is going to be much more exciting.

Savage Wolverine, I feel, is a little weak. If I had to pull a Wolverine title, I'd go with the regular one. Heck, if I had to pull a Wolverine title, I'd save my money and spend it on a second X-Men title instead. Wolverine's been in quite a slump for the writing.

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@Sharkbite: Thanks very much

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@Nightflash: Avengers assemble is mostly storys that take place outside the regular timeline of most books and is just reallymeant for new fans coming from seeing the avengers movie while new avengers is about the big brains of the marvel verse coming together to stop large threats from destory the world,this book line up is: iron man, mister fantastic, black bolt, beast, doctar strange,black panther

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The New Avengers (Volume's 1 and 2 ) have been among my favorite reads for the past few years... Far more than any of the other Avenger series... Note, I'm not putting down the other Avenger series... I just like the characters and the writing much more in New Avengers... I'd recommend it big time. Now, the new volume, the Marve Now stuff, I don't know about... It's just begun and it appears they're changing everything....