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Poll: With limited funds, which comic would you pick out of this selection? (41 votes)

BatGirl 10%
NightWing 29%
SuicideSquad 17%
RedHood & The Outlaws 22%
BatMan & Robin 20%

Okay. I don't have that much money, so help me make an informed decision here guys.

I want to buy the Vol.1 (collected edition) New52 (hard cover if available) comics of all these titles eventually. I bought Batman Vol.1 a few weeks back and really enjoyed it, couldn't think of how it could be better. The comics in the poll are the ones I currently find interesting. I've bought a couple issues of SuicideSquad on the comiXology app and really like it, but at this point haven't read any issues of the others, but I can't go wrong with the Bat-related titles (not calling SuicideSquad a bat-related title, save correcting me).

So to the point, I can probably only buy one Volume of proposed comic every 3-4 weeks, so when I do this I want it to be something people have read and can promise it's quality to me. Any help in votes and comments much appreciated. I don't mind plot-spoilers if you want to advertise a particular part of a comic, I enjoy the artwork just as much as the writing.

Ps. Feel free to welcome me here or add me or whatever it is we do here, this is my first post on ComicVine.

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just pick the ones that most interest you. go with your gut.

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I picked Suicide Squad, #20 was great. Don't buy anything that comes before that issue though, it's all garbage. If you're buying volumes, I'd recommend Batman & Robin.

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just pick the ones that most interest you. go with your gut.

I'm indecisive. All seem very good.

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Squad is looking somewhat decent again. I'm still not sold on King Shark's speech pattern revamp, but otherwise it's looking better now. Out of your choices, I guess that would be your best bet.

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I picked Red Hood and the Outlaws because that's the only book on the list that I read / am interested in.

#6 Posted by k4tzm4n (39341 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman and Robin, though the new Suicide Squad is off to a great start.

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I went with Nightwing because it meshes really well with Batman. The first few issues involving the Court of Owls and Haly's Circus were really great. Also, the events around Death in the Family were pretty great in the Nightwing books. If you like Batman, you'll probably really dig Nightwing.

Batman and Robin is also really solid.

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Nightwing! Although I've never read Suicide Squad to be fair.

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Suicide Squad. A great new writer just started with a promising run. That can't really be said for the other series.


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Suicide Squad. A great new writer just started with a promising run. That can't really be said for the other series.


This, but Nightwing's new run (as in the last two issues) has been good so far.

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Batman and Robin.Good storytelling and everything.

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I picked Nightwing. I always found him more compelling than Batman.

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As a follower of both Nightwing and Suicide Squad, a slight edge goes to Nightwing due to bias, but it's a consistent great book, usually ranging from 8-10, art is consistently great as well. :)

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Welcome! I've only read three of the ones you listed so I voted for Batman & Robin. Good luck to ya! As far as quality is concerned, that's really gonna be based on your own judgement. Some books will hook you, some wont', some you'll find ok, and some repulse you outright.

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@brazekool: Welcome to CV! Apologies in advance for how you won't be able to respond more than a few times a day until you hit a high enough post count. However you can respond in a private message without it counting against you, so feel free to do so in response to me.

My recommendation depends on what it is you're really hoping to get out of the book, and whether you plan to go beyond the first volume.

I have not read much of Batman & Robin or Nightwing. I have heard great things about both. However, both books have recently had major changes which have rendered pointless and/or destroyed a lot of what happened in the first couple arcs. That may not bother you, but it's a reason I have for not wanting to go back and catch up on them.

I have read both Batgirl and Red Hood and the Outlaws. I prefer RHatO, just because it's pretty unique and goofy (with some serious stuff on the side) and to be honest that was the first DC trade I ever bought. Batgirl is great (unless you're one of those people who can't stand Simone...I don't understand those people) and for a while I was only following Batgirl and Batman, so I can say with certainty that if you just had those two trades you could do a lot worse.

Suicide Squad I would recommend buying the most recent issue instead of trying with trades. There's a new creative team on the book and from the sounds of it that issue is better than many of the previous issues (though as you enjoyed what you've read, maybe that doesn't matter).

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@akbogert: Thank you. I actually had every intention to join a while back, but as my luck has it, struck that awkward period of time when the site was going through major changes and wasn't accepting new members. So I bookmarked it and checked back every so often. Good to know, thanks again, but I'll start with replying to the longest replies that give me the most points of discussion, the others will have to wait 'till I've more privileges.

I will eventually aim to collect all New52 collected editions, in this order:
-The five listed above, in voted order or based on comments
-All bat-family related comics (incl. batwing)
-Any that are hardcover
-All New52 collected editions

At the moment, the batman related stories are most important to me, but if someone said red hood or suicide squad was exceptional then I might change my mind. At this point, with NightWing coming in at equal first, and being heavily related to Batman's story, I'm most likely going to make NightWing my next purchase. After that, I'll come back and see how the conversation here is going, whether to keep branching out with Vol.1's or go and get Vol.2's of the few titles I have.

Yeah I did really enjoy the first couple issues of Suicide Squad. Hard to tell if that's due to my fascination with Harley, or if it's because it was genuinely a good story, but it seemed to hold my interest.

The only thing I didn't get in your post is the 'Simone' reference. Unfortunately I don't know what that is. Batgirl is still Barbara Gorden right?

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@thegwailo: For this reason (what I hoped) I'm most likely to go with NightWing next.

Also good to know BatMan & Robin is good, was a bit hesitant because it could have easily been very lame. Is this title set in the same time as the regular Batman title?

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