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So Brubaker is hands down one of my favorite writers in the industry right now, however, I'm trying to figure out whether or not to stick with the series after he leaves. I'm at odds with this though because I know nothing about the new writer, so I was interested in hearing your thoughts.

Much appreciated guys.

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@krexxxx4: Winter Soldier has been my favorite character since Brubaker brought him back and his new series has been one of best of the past year in my opinion. While I am not thrilled that Brubaker is leaving the series, He has laid the groundwork for a great character over the past 8 years which I think will continue to shine under the new creative team. I read some of the interviews with the writer and artist (Latour and Klein), and they seem to understand the character and will treat him well. In addition, he will be a guest star in the Secret Avengers series. I am cautiously optimistic about the future of the character and the series. I am just afraid that too many people will jump off the title which has already seen a large decline in readers with the stable of great talent of Brubaker, Guice, Lark, and Breitweiser and it will get canceled.

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My thoughts^^^

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I was planning on picking up the new Secret Avengers ever since I found out he was going to guest star, I'll probably give the new creative team a chance (like first arc or so) to see if I like it. Thanks for the input though man, it was greatly appreciated

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@krexxxx4: Here is an article that Latour just did that was posted on CBR today. There will be a second part that comes next week. Probably so he can talk about what happens after WS 14 that is released tomorrow.

CBR Article